Thursday, October 16, 2014

God Bless America


Today I've come out with the future, although I'm not sure its the future I want, I'm still going to give it a go. Can it be any worse than the present? Perhaps I should have picked wiser, but sometimes what doesn't immediately appear to be the way ahead often is. We are about to find out, but if it doesn't work out, we can always go back....


My giff gaff sim cards have come and the nano sim needs activation swapping so my number doesn’t change. I’ll sort this out whilst at work.


I get the train and today London Midland are 'pleased to announce this train has four carriages today' and there is loads of seats.


I have a tinker with my future. Well it powers up.


And enjoy my colourful tie.


Today I’m trying out my Alan bag, I don't think its as practical for the after station Morrison duties though. We will see...


And with my phone I make my droid at the app Alan has gave me, I’m the King of cowboys!


Sometime later my Motorola Razr I is turned off.


and my Motorola X is turned on! We are all systems go!!!!


I catch the train home and there is a seat, and I reach into my Alan bag and try something that would normally make me feel very ill for the rest of the day. And that was to read my book whilst on the move. Oh wow this is great, I seem to be able to read without feeling travel sick for the first time ever. Perhaps now I will start getting through all those books I’ve ended up collecting.


I get home and admire the car, and then one of my neighbours comes along and asks “where has the Skoda gone?” after a very long conversation I head indoors.


I consider what to have for dinner and I decide on one of the pies Les gave me. The oven though had other ideas,


but I got it cooked eventually, without having to resort to steaming anything!


I sit down and ‘enjoy’ God Bless America.


And when it ends I consider how empty house and how lonely it feels…..I go to bed.


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