Thursday, October 02, 2014

Goodbye Beer Fridge


The train is as bed as the yesterday, only two carriages again. There are no moans today, just grey, empty, soulless faces of acceptance that London Midland is managed by dicks. I glad to get off even though I’ve got a seat again. I think a riot is about to start when I get up. Notably nobody has tried to check tickets today or yesterday – I think that is a health and safety issue. Not to do with overcrowding, nope that's okay, but in the the ticket conductor would be killed by said passengers. On a lighter not at my desk a butterfly appears from nowhere.


I open the window but the coolness of outside puts him off. And I don’t blame him.


Eventual he goes with a much helping hand. Such a nice creature.


I get that early train home, I wonder if I’m going to get told off for leaving just before five to catch it. Everyone has cottoned on that Mr casual I’ll leave when I want to, now is the first person out of the door due to my train time.


They all love I run down the road too in my trainers.


I get home early enough to call my dad and say are you oaky to help me move the washing machine across then?


This does mean however that the beer fridge has to go. And so out comes the drinks.


I go round the parents, get the trailer out and put the washing machine in it and drive it back to my house.


Sometime later it is plumbed in and ready to go. Now to find somewhere for all this drink, without drinking it in one go!

IMG_20141002_220344_594 I turn it on and give it a whizz.


Hold on I’m sure that's not meant to happen? I run it a couple of time and it all okay eventually and so


I settle on the sofa with a bottle of my favourite Aldi drink.


And turn the box on to something someone had recommended.


Eventually it is time to close my eyes and go to bed, although my eyes are closing on their own accord anyway, now do I try to get the early train in the morning?


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