Saturday, October 04, 2014

Have you ever want to…


I get up nice and early on Saturday. Its raining initially so I put off doing the outside works and start on my office set up and catchup with my blog. Not that I fully have, I still need to write about August which I have not caught up on yet. But now I can do it in comfort.


I do some tidying up inside and move the large plant from the bathroom to


And put a smaller one in its place. Not that it bothered me.


I do some washing and then note the weather has got better. I call my dad but his, phones off. I call their house number but there’s no reply, I call my mom and she doesn’t answer. I call my brother who isn’t with them and is at work.


I tidy the drive and put all those hedge cuttings in the trailer to take to the tip. Now it takes me a while to squeeze them all under the cover but I get it on. It’s very spring loaded and ready to pop open at any moment. I come to unlock the trailer from the gate, hold on though, I can’t unchain the trailer from the gate the key fits, the key is the same brand, but it won’t turn. I look at it, spray it with WD 40 but it won’t turn.


I try the parents again, but no joy. I consider the grinder but don’t do it. I send them a text in frustration. Now where are they. After the discussion with my dad about the weather always being poor at the weekend as he found out when he built the huge extension on the back of his house and prebooking him to do the scaffolding and tile, where has he disappeared to now that the weather is good.


I do some therapeutic vacuuming. The smell from the stairs carpet has gone so I vacuum out the shake and vac that has been on it for many days. Hell even my feet must smell sweet now.


And I don’t get my Dyson out, nope I use my trusted cheap and cheerful, and light, and easy to manover Tesco vacuum.


Eventually my parents call and ask if I want them??? Eh hell yes. They come with a different key and the trailer is unlocked. And ya we make it to the tip for the first time before they close!


I take the top off the trailer and it all springs out everywhere. I throw it in the right container and curse myself that I brought nothing with me to wash my hands with.


Next we go to Curry’s to look at Fridge Freezer. And the one I was looking at is nothing like the one I have. And so it gets dismissed and I decide to go back home to look further on the web. I go to homebase and relook at the cheapo bedroom furniture I’ve got my mind on. First though I need to finish plastering and painting it. I leave with an expensive towel rail but there is a reason for choosing the expensive towel rail. I won’t be going out for a beer tonight then.


I decide on pasta and a some Blondie beer for tea. The Pasta I make for two, although there’s only me in and the beer I want as I want a clear head for the morning, as I’ve still got to get the scaffolding and fix the tile on the roof properly.


And whilst I’m cooking I light the oven again and let it warm the house. I settle on the sofa, play some GTAV and watch a rubbish film on Amazon Prime Whilst I still can and dream about putting a towel rail up.

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