Monday, October 27, 2014

I forgot it was pink!


For dinner today I had a jacket potato, lasagne and some sprouts.


Even Garfield would have enjoyed this.


It was certainly going to fill me up, and this being the last week the canteen is open I’m having whatever I want.


I have a quick read of the paper and then return to the “safety” of ones desk.


Sometime later after a dark walk home in the dry a parcel has come. And inside it is my hand crafted house number.


Now I just need to decide where to put it and get that drill out again. I’ll wait until Rog is around later in the week.


I cook up some pasta, onions and sauce and have a feast for two as usual.


When I decide not to do the painting again I sit and try to decide upon


which book from my unread book shelf I should read next? I ponder and ponder. I know which one I want to read, but don’t know if I should read it just yet.


It springs to mind that my number plate may have arrived and after a spurt of the GTAV servers not working I’m online.


I get my one and only car out of the Garage. I’d forgot it was pink! I’d even painted it pale pastel pink!


And for those of you who don’t know I usually drive a vivid pink car in the races. As for most days I just steal a car.


Besides, I don’t think my car is insured?


I drive it round to the garage and the part is there ready to be fitted.


I zoom down the road showing it off.


Now isn’t that just groovy.


And with that I also brought a swank apartment. Just as in real life I’m skint now!


I settle down and enjoy my favourite magazine.


Before going to bed and dreaming of painting once more.


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