Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I get my drill out again


No problems getting to work today and there is much to do I know I’m struggling. Help is at hand though and as a team we are keeping things moving in the right direction.


The day goes all too quick and before you know it


I’m on the train, then at Cannock and then in Morrison's buying some bread at 9 pence a baguette and some corned beef. I now have a can opener so I can get some variety!


When I get home, my dad has been and left a tone of grey mortar inside the front door, and some sanding blocks. This is really good news. The grey mortar is a surprise as its not what we used the first time but is – hey they was brown not grey. But then I brought that and my dad wants the rest to match the wall. I even get my drill out and put a hook on the bathroom door. I make my baguette sandwiches with cheese, spring onion, tomatoes and cucumber. Again I have made enough for two and end up slowly eating them all over the course of the night with a lovely pot of tea.


The rest of the night is spent playing GTAV – Rodentracing, LAJones and Georgied are on-line and I try to join them and give up initialy racing with whoever, however there is now a facility to queue to join a session you want to join whilst playing else where. I set it up and eventually I’m able to join them. It is noticable that I’m so out of practice that I’m pants at this game. I love to play with them though…..


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