Monday, October 27, 2014

I had to read it twice


I get up this morning in eager anticipation. Not because it is finally light in the morning again but because I know an ending is coming.


I settle on the train and get the book out I’ve been “reading” since January.


For I am about to finish the life story of Tom baker before he does. Well he’s not dead yet.


And the book doesn’t end here. Nope in reality the book ends on an earlier page “And later, when I got to know Joe, I just adored him.”


However the ending was so good, I just had to read that last chapter twice – just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.


For it ended the underlying story that ran throughout the book.


A tale that is so sad that it shows the worst side of the man himself, which notably runs throughout the story of his life within the book.


but it is brought to what a found a damming climax, a very sad situation, but one you can learn from should you want to.


I close the book and look down and consider things.


For my time with this time traveller has been good, insightful and not what I had expected in anyway when the journey first began. We have travelled a far together, further than one might have imagined at the beginning and now here in nowhere on the rail road of Britain our journey together ends.


As for the Apache Arrows for Princess Margaret…. you can work that one out.


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