Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I was going to eat them all myself


Today is cold, so cold if you had a red duffle coat you’d wear it. So its good a good thing London Midland has only put two of their dirty carriage train on so we can all snuggle up on the train. I get off at Walsall for my connection and take a seat in the waiting room.


I spend the time wisely waking people up.


When I do reach my desk I have been left a gift.


Nope not the pen.


A healthy gift, oh yummy.


Beths - A to Bc

Pink Girl send me a photo of her new car. A bit of a difference from her Honda S2000, but at least its a convertible.


After a productive day at work, which is productive I actually achieve nothing other then sending others away to have a rethink of how to do things properly. Probably a mistake.


The train is as rammed on the way home as it is on the way to work. Mr Batchelor cheers me up by telling me the M6 is worse. I don’t believe him though – Am I really going to continue putting up with this?


Off the train and into Morrison's. I need some eggs and I want some decaff tea bags for work. And whilst in that ilse I get some loose tea in case Alan and Zoe come down. I don’t think it impressed them when they popped down I could only offer them builders tea. Which reminded me that the creamI had was going to go off. so I got some jam and scones to go with it.


This was going to be very nice, and I was going to eat them all myself, but then the parents came round! So I shared them out and made loose leaf tea to go with them. Its now too dark to work outside at night so what am I going to do tonight.


I spot my cowboy hat from Colorodo USA and ponder if it will be useful to anyone later in the week. I’ll give it a dust off.


The post has come and now my work pension is in place. Is this company any good. Well I can remember one piece of advise I was given, never have all your eggs in on basket, rememeber what happened to that other pension company.


My parents brought down my Retro gamer magazine. I’ve somehow got to contact them and change the address. Oddly they are doing a spread on the Saturn. Now what system do I have bids on eBay for?


the other parcel was a light bulb from china. An LED light bulb for the garage. So out I went…


this is the original 12V bulb in there and this


is the LED one.


A winner, yeah.


And with it getting colder out and inside now I decided to look at the boiler instructions and the centeral heating controller which seemed most complicated so I’d left it in manual.


but 30 minutes latter I had it all programmed up into automatic mode and times were set with what I do during the day and night, during various days and at the weekend. Erm will I cosier, will it be more economical now. The gas seems to be expensive compare tot he electricity I’m using.


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