Monday, October 06, 2014

I wish I could swim like the dolphins


I open the door and realise that this is the first real work to the station. Its dark, gloomy, wet and above all cold. The central heating has come on in the house by itself for the first time. And when I say its wet, its raining so hard I would rather be swimming with dolphins,


Well that's how I feel by the time I reach the station. I congratulate myself on not reaching for the car keys. Perhaps the right thing to have done was reach for the car keys. Perhaps though what was worse than the walk in the rain was the standing around on the platform for the train.


I’m on the chu chu with a seat, wet and damp.


And put on my earphones and play one of my all time favourites to blank my mind from the world I’m in.


I reach Walsall station and wait in the waiting room in the dry.


Off at Aston and its heavy rain again. I get my 99p brolley out, the road though is like a wind tunnel. And all I’ll say is thats the end of that brolley! I’m going to have to get my skoda one out!


The day at work flies by and I’m back on the chu chu.


On the way home I prefer to listen to BBC 6. And as we are nearing Bloxwich my dad calls me to find out what time I’m going to get to the station in Cannock. H’es going to collect me. I consider the fact that this is going to cost me again. But I ponder just how much?


He turns up and we head to B&Q. We mooch around the wood section, where I bump into the Famous Alan Douton from the band The Open. He is looking for wood too.


We have come as my dad has listened to the fact that one board at the top of the scaffolding could be improved by many more that may prevent his son or himself falling to their death – thats if they are lucky. With the wood got he drops me and the wood off, shows me the wood preserver he has brought and gives me a box.


It my new trainers. I put them on, erm a tight fit,


I give them a wiggle and wear them for the rest of the night. I get the oven to light and put enough southern fried style chicken in to feed a family.


and whilst I wait for it to cook, I sort out the bathroom to make it more Zoe and Maddy friendly. Well you can never have enough toilet rolls to hand.


I wonder if they will approve now. I think I like it better myself anyway.


and so I eat my chicken and gamer girl get all excited about a parcel she has received. My belly is full and I consider plastering some of the nicks in the front room. I know I’m no good at this plastering lark and its stopping me getting on with the job in hand. I do an hour anyway before climbing into my bed. For some reason I wake up at 3am.


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