Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I could Sleep I would



Saturday I wake up. Okay so I’m round and Alan and Zoe’s so I actually didn’t Alan came into my room to get me up. I’m glade he did though, it was 12:30. And my head hurt, it hurt so much. I had a shower and got my cloths on. It was important to do as apparently Zoe mom and dad were coming round and probably didn’t want to see Nack starkers.


Alan got us some breakfast, Zoe got us some bread, although not the right type, so we went and got some different bread, which wasn’t the right type but was completely acceptable to me. We played on Wipeout HD for a while, as we discussed PS3 harddrive sizes. Zoe’s parents come round Alan is undeceive on weather to come out or not. Eventually the decision is made, we are all going.


A while later we are at Manchester Piccadilly station. And before we can leave the station we have to pay our train fares. Odd the way the rail system works, or doesn’t. We split up whilst Zoe and her parents go looking a new ukulele.


Meantime me and Alan go looking in Travelling man. He buys loads of things, I browse the games.


Trying to note what I may want to get in the near future.


There’s a big queue and so Alan leaves his items at the desk and say he’ll collect them later. We head into a couple of charity shops. I buy a shirt that doesn’t quiet fit and then from a different shop Alan takes me to there are loads of ties. I don’t know if he’s testing me but there’s one thing for sure.


I saw one I just had to buy!!! He knows how to break me.


And one became two! yeah!!!!


We head back to collect Alan's collectables, the expansion pack for Survive which the game stall owner was disappointed to see us buy. He can’t stand the game and can’t understand why we all like it so much! Mind he likes Alan to keep the banter going. We go to Piccadilly records have a mooch and then Zoe calls, its urgent – we need to get back to the station straight away. We leave and head straight there, Alan telling me he wanted to take me for a pie I would never forget. We get to the station but they are nowhere to be seen! Alan is hungry, he considers wedges. Then decides not to have them. Then does have them and says they taste like frozen potatoes. Zoe turns up all smiles and asking what time the next train is, we “should be home” guests are coming.


When we do get back Zoe gets out her small guitar and is very happy.


Well its not boy blue that's for sure.


I sit on the sofa for ten minutes with Mr Tickle for a cuddle. And before you know it….


Zoe wakes me up. I’m so tired and this headache won’t go away.


Nack its games time once Mary and Noah turn up. What you want for tea? Chinese? And Chinese it is. And as always I order too much.


We set the game up and have a refresher on the instructions.


The game is a foot.


Oh yeah there’s nothing like playing a game your going to loose.


And its not looking good for somebody.


And before you know it, it is over as Nack lifts the volcano piece.


The game changes to Pandemic and I wish to hold my hand up and say “excuse me I’m off to bed”


However I struggle on and enjoy this game so much. As a group we work well together.


But maybe it is the cards that are played.


Well for a change it was nice to meet some new people. I hate meeting new people it scares me witless to the point of want to stick to the ceiling so no one knows where I’ve gone, but Mary and Noah didn’t make me feel like hiding away but staying awake even though I was so tired and enjoying their company for the small amount of time we had together. It was good, it was fun and I hope they got the right train home unlike on the way here.


We cleared up and then


settled into the front room. We were about to make a film which might involve the future.


The box was opened once more. Turned on and set up on Alan’s network.


It was time to get creative.


For these are the secrets of a lamp shade.


Most likely entitled from the bands set up from last night. But what are the secrets of a lamp shade???

Only you can ask…..

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