Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Your Area


I have no idea where I’m going and it was hard enough getting the address off the chap to collect them from? Did he actually want to sell them? I’ve got my dads car, which having collected the shelves in it in the past, I know  that they will just fit. I program the sat nav and start following the instructions, where ever it may lead me too. I zip up the motorway pondering why its not always like this and why oh why do people sit in lane 3? And where I end up is surprisingly close to Alan and Zoe’s after all – I mean as in surprisingly close.


Having searched up and down the road it appears to be the only house without a number, and down this street the houses don’t go in order – what the hell. I pull up outside the house and double check the address on my phone. There is no twitting curtains or anything. Are they in one ponders, I’m bang on time for once? And it becomes all to apparent why when the person opens the door. I’m not sure he wanted to open the door, I’m not sure he wanted to meet me. Now I’m always nervous meeting strangers, but his made me look the friendliest chap in the world. In a way he seemed to warm to me, but was always nervous I didn’t have the money. Once I get the seats down and locate them in the boot, he says once more, “you do have the money don’t you?” I give him the money and he retreats backwards though his front door. Weird, very weird. I program for destination SK2 and ponder if Alan will be in? After all he knows I’ll be in the area.


I nip round the the skirts of Stockport and I am in luck, my friend opens the door. He invites me in and I ask if he has had any tea? Does he want any tea? As I do. He holds up a McDonalds bag and says he’s eaten. “Thats not eating Alan”, I say, “I’m going to the chippy” but he tells me not to. Instead we will go out, but only after we have had a conversation regarding Tom Baker of sorts. After asking if I’m stopping the night “to which I respond I’m wearing my only pants I have with me”, he tells me we are going in the car. We get some games and I insist on taking a certain game (Surbeck) and so we climb in the car and meander off for pizza. Normally he’s ‘not allowed’ pizza, so he’s looking forward to it and he’s taking me somewhere that does good pizza’s, thank god – else I guess he would be trying to tell me something. We eventually find a large enough parking space in a back street of a small town, that has a French Butchers. Now I’ve not  been many places that has one of those in England.


I get some beers in and then Alan looks at the menu, What do you fancy Nack?


I look at the menu nearest me, and consider I’m driving, so I stick to pizza.


Alan goes to order the pizza’s at and returns. We have some more chitty chat when….


Rosie appears as if by magic. We play “Nack is a Clown”, with some real fun rounds. Noticeable Rosie's face gives it away when either me or Alan are in trouble, she grins, she smirks and then knocks the socks off one us as she plays her cards. “Nack is a clown” is finished when our food appears.


Oddly Alan's pizza looks awfully not like a pizza. And mine is so large, that I’m not sure its the right size. In fact its not, Alan told them to make the biggest one they do. I stare at it thinking I’m not going to be able to eat all of this! I offer some meat ridden pizza to the sometimes Vegetarian, and then the always vegetarian. Just when you need some help, neither do, and they tuck into their ‘small bit to eat’. Some time later I finish but I am very very very stuffed. We play our second game (surbeck) and I enjoy it immensely, although I do point out I always loose at it, although I do enjoy it. And as usual I’m very corrupt, and very much in last place. That is right up to the very, very, very end. And that ending changed everything. I went from the bottom of the board to the top. I smiled, I couldn’t believe it and I’m not sure the others could either! That was enough of that then, and it is time to go. Somehow, 3 shelving units, one Alan, one Rosie and one Nack all got in the car. We took Rosie home safely and headed back to Alan’s. Apparently Zoe was waiting for us….


And there she was on the sofa, relaxing and telling us all about her day as a zombie, she had eyes to die for. I’m surprised she didn’t direct the film she seemed to like it that much. They asked me to stay but I have so much to do tomorrow I need to wake up at home. If I wake up here, I like it so much I won’t leave. I have enjoyed the unexpected visit and so I say goodnight for an spirited hours drive home.


But oddly I get to Anchor Point and its the same time I left? How do that happen then???


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