Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Space at last


Today I put my warm jacket on as its cold outside these mornings. The jacket I got in the Alps that was made in Mexico! It certainly does the job when there are only two carriages and lots of people.


And when I leave work, its not raining, and the van they have repaired is working, it starts and so we are on the move.


And I am the best dressed white van cowboy in town. I head to Di’s who has got me another stash of goods to take away, including a steamer, two coffee tables, some garden tools, a printer, a shredder and lots of other things I don’t need a well. The I meet my dad and brother around mine and we get the large fridge out of the kitchen and into the van and around his. From there we take the van back to Brum and then I take my dad home.


I swap the cars over as my Skoda needs an MOT and head home in my MX5. Its 10pm by now and I’m still in my short and tie!


I clean the kitchen floor and admire the space I now have and consider having dance. I don’t, but I do consider it.


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