Friday, October 10, 2014

Ten Ten Ten a day you will never forget…..


I have got Friday off and there’s plenty to do. The delivery of the new fridge freezer co insides with my dental appointment, so my parents are meant to be coming down to greet the delivery people. However as I come out of the shower I find a van outside the door and fridge freezer already off the wagon. I open the door not fully dressed and say “hello”. “Hello back” they say. “We have tried to ring you 5 times!” “Well I’m in the shower and your an hour and a half early! – its 8am you know”. We have a good chatter and they have been on the road since 2am! They sort my new unit out, unpack it and put it in my kitchen.


So now I don’t need to remove the bricks. I check it out, its still nowhere near as good as the original one, but this is an expensive compromise and that's that the decision was made. My brother will get the big one, the lucky lucky chap. And so I call the parents to tell them not to come down. Do they answer any of their phones? No. So when they turn up and notice its already here and inplace, they question why I didn't call them to let them know? I begin to wish the world would eat me up and probably not for the last time today.


I head over to my parents, take the cover off my MX5 and start her up. A girl that never lets you down. Well we know I’m lying here. But this morning she fires up first time and seems like all systems go. So I take her for a spin at ludicrous speed to the dentist. With such a nice morning its a shame I can’t take the roof down, or the fact the drivers window is broken too! The poor thing needs to be shown some love and money.


I only made an appointment at the dentist as Alan made me feel guilty that it had been nearly two years since my last visit. So after discussing many dates I plumed for taking the day off and have an appointment at 10am on the 10th day of the 10th Month. A day you will never forget…..


I’m greeted, fill in a form and take a seat in the busy waiting room.


I’m moved into a room so that


I can put my feet up and take it easy.


I don’t like the look of them. The dentist comes in, introduces me to his very young and lovely assistant. and then the probing begins. And as usual I let no signs of pain be made visible on my face. This I have had lots of practise at and he knows it. After a discussion on one tooth inparticular and more probing they decide to do an X-ray! And 30 seconds latter we are all looking at it. Well its a deep filling in the tooth that's been done sometime in the past. The records get updated so that we don’t have to go through it again. We have a good talk on life, as we haven't seen each other for ages and I promise to be back within 12 months for another probing. I pay the £17 and


drive my MX5 to my parents.


Where its time to show it some love and devotion. I set about repairing the drivers door window.


Now this is a pain in the arse job. Not that hard if you have enough hands but awkward. So off with the weather strip, the internal door card.


And your’ not going to see all the gubbings I had to get out. Nut here is the car with the glass back in.


It is tested in situe before putting it all back togeather.


It goes up


It goes down and then I put it all back together.


Back in the Skoda and off to my home.


Where a parcel has come. The Mira Eco shower head, that saves water and hopefully my heating bill, as we all know I like the shower too much.


The sales waffle sounds great and South Staffs Water sell them at half price. That's £30 nicker to me.


Look at the chrome shine.


Will it make the difference it promises too. Will those water droplets be a big and soft as it suggests?


Off with the old one and


on with the new one. And we have water every where. We need a new washer. After a lot of mopping up,  I pack my bags hurriedly, grab both my cowboy hats.


And I get on my ride and head north…….

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