Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Gift of Time Travel.


Two of my favourite things now mix, travelling by train and reading. My reading is going swimmingly well, and I’m deep into the book I thought I’d never get to end. In a way the train Journey isn’t long enough, even though the commute isn’t great.


Today I have brought with my my VW cable to interrogate cars CPU’s, I lad at work wants his looking at as the dash light as come on. We sort it out and find the problem. and next a lad with a newish car lets me uncover the history of his. “There’ll be nothing to see” he says. You could be surprised. I ran the program and watched his face drop as the cars hidden history is uncovered. “I think I’d take it back to where you got it from, but at least you now know what needs doing”. And with that everyone walks away.


When I get home there is an envelope in the door. Another bill I think. But no when I open it BT have remembered I exist unlike Legal and General. I ponder what the value of it is? Now though I’m a devoted Morrison's fan for my 9pence bread moments.


I consider what to have for tea tonight,  ponder and ponder and then I put my hand in the bread bin. What pops out is surprising to me. I hadn’t finished off that tiger loaf and I had several baps in there too. I decide to have some cheese on toast with toppings and put the bread in the oven. Toasted brown I notice that one half of a bap is missing. Its not just missing its vanished!


I settle in on the sofa to watch a movie, The Cleaner. A film I’ve not heard of but that never matters.


And a good film it is.


Samuel suits this film well.


But in the end we all know he’s going to


get it in the head.


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