Friday, October 31, 2014

The Last Super


Dressed in normal everyday wear I await at the station for the early train, reaching the station early enough to not have to run. It is quiet here, just a few people, with just the birds twittering in the background whilst I listen out for the sound of the rails slowly twanging as they take the stress of the train some miles away yet. For this is the last Friday of breakfast club, will I miss leaving the house early?? And just what time will I get home today? One ponders if I'll actually make it back at all...


I arrive at work, its mufti day and for some who aren't going out tonight there is a fancy dress them on, on their faces and in there attitude to work for the day.


Of course I don’t want to be left out, afterall I am the clown and I am going out tonight.


Most important though, today is the last day of the canteen. I head over and order up. He rustles me up a breakfast I say goodbye to the chef, thank him for feeding me so well over the years. For I have yet to remember what it is like without a canteen. What it was like, nope I don’t want to think about the sandwich making, I know I am too lazy to do them myself. I know I do anything but make those sandwiches either in the morning or last thing at night. I consider the healthy option, I consider the unhealthy option. Not for breakfast but for what I am going to eat next week at dinner time. How am I going to persuade myself to eat lie my body is a temple once more after indulging so badly this week.


A few more turn up, cheer and still obviously their brain asleep from the real world of work.. We are making the most of this.


and then Jazz turns up! There no need to ask, he’s madder than I am! how can that be so. If I’m not the maddest then what am I.


One thing is for sure I am full. Maybe not full of madness but full of cheap non quality food that will keep me going until later tonight. We finish our plates


And Hi Jean brings us more, more, more. but time trolls to pay up and


eventually to say goodbye and thankyou to HiJean as well. It has been good, it has been great, and bid her farewell and all the luck she will need for the future.


Back at my desk I realise my hat needs fairy lights, and so be it.


Its not the only thing I find at my desk.


Today there is mayhem at my desk, we are redistributing the work load and there is plenty of it! My desk is a mad mess of madness that is slowly getting done!


Further down the office, some people have made a real effort! Or are we about to be taken over by the Empire?


I consider getting that work down, and the Sambuca issue that is going to happen later. Did I really say I’d line twenty of them up on the bar at the Swan and Mitre and we would YouTube me necking them? How do I get out of this?? Yep that was a mad thought.


The answer is simple, if only I was taller and could see through this helmet. We head tot he One Stop and for dinner I have a pullet of tomatoes. At least if these come back I know where I stand.


But after all this there is one last thing on my mad mind.


that sometimes it is nice to be appreciated and for someone to say thankyou.

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