Friday, October 24, 2014

The Search is Over


The canteen is closing. Its a bad thing for me. Not only do I get a meal here but also it is economically viable. So with sad faces we order up our breakfasts.


And admire the food infront of us, as for what we took for granted


we will not be able to for much longer.


As usual my big breakfast takes me up to dinner time with a full belly. We go for our Friday dinner time walk and have our usual 60pm ice creams but not from our usual shop, as they had no 60p ice creams left.


I ponder where the park Alki is as he’s not here to sit with. Not that he likes us to sit with him, but I asked the one day and he was now putting up with us. Perhaps he no longer is, putting up with us. You see there is only one bench with a table. I see on the floor that maybe he came earlier and had a change from cider. Maybe, I hope he is well.


The offers don’t give a toss though.


Sometime later on the train I consider the fact I’m nearing the end.


If I finish it what should I read next? The KLF perhaps? What I like so much about this book is the title is in fact in the book on page 222. Isn’t that amazing. The page I mean. For on this page is a memorable moment that should never be forgotten. My phone buzzes, it is eBay, Ah M22??


And do I have a virus? something odds going on. Then I realise the last time I took a walk like this was around Alan's with some cardboard glasses. So where the hell is M22?


I go around my parents, it would appear the search is over. I make plans to be in Manchester when it is dark and text Alan to see if he might be in tomorrow.


I open my parcel, knowing that this is my repaired PS3 and that at last I have found some Oak Benno that is close enough to actually be worth buying as they appears to be a rare commodity in oak anyway.


Eventually I go home, unpack the PS3 and put a Blu-ray in.


Yep we are working.


Erm needs the update doing though.And off I leave it updating.


Mean while I finish off doing the filling.


And following that we


move the bed around to allow for decorating to commence once more, but when, there is only so much weekend. Now where is Spock? and close my eyes….


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