Thursday, October 30, 2014

There is hope for the future, wasn’t it


I get up for a relaxing start of the day, as today I do not have to rush or be out of the door by a certain time. Of course that means I won’t be finishing those last ten pages just yet.


For this time I was able to keep the van over night and thus drive it back this morning. It was all too easy, and it played my mind if I’d done the right thing renewing my rail pass this month.


I enjoyed a hearty meal at dinner time, only one meal to go until it closes.


And on the train home I got that book out and read it to my hearts content.


How did she get me to read a story so quick, how did she make me turn the pages of a story I didn't find page turning. There was no doubt about it, I didn’t just want to see how it began, no I wanted to see how it ended to. If it did end that is. There’s hope for the future, wasn’t it.


For some reason I pondered if Les wanted to do The Circle Line Pub Crawl? I pondered that, and I pondered his reaction. I waited for it. What he replied I wasn't expecting.


I don't know why I just fancied it right then. Adventure of the worst kind, the type that you don’t have control over, but if you did, would it be a real adventure?


Back to reality, and it is my parents wedding anniversary. The 49th one!


Which means a visit to my moms favourite establishment.


With simple yet nice food.


and my was it busy there tonight.


But for whatever reason we never tire of this place.


And I can feel myself getting fatter and fatter, with every chew, and every swallow.


Of course I had the kids pudding, for that made me smile.


We’re grinning gleefully at each other and I feel both utterly endangered and utterly safe, the particular combination which, I realise, we have all been looking for in our lives ever since.

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