Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today is the First Day of Two Hundred And Forty


I get up this morning and today is the first day of two hundred and forty. I head down the road to the station.


Today instead of four carriages, we don’t get three. Nope we get two! Now the train is full anyway so 2 is just plain silly. And that's how it is. Now I’m pretty much last on the platform. But I’m luck as when the train stops, the doors are infront of me. So I get a seat. Most people don't. Of course getting off at Walsall is an issue! I let the girl know in the ilse next to me that I’m leaving in a second if she wants my seat. I manage to push my way out to breath and sit in the waiting room.


The train to Aston is empty.


I get the 5:05pm train home and get started on that bush, trimming it up and getting the rubbish.


And pile at the garage gets bigger.


Back at home i finally hang up the mirror in the front room.


Thats much better I think to myself.


And try to use the oven. Hold on it not working. It lights but then goes out. Perhaps it is lack of use after all these months?


Eventually it lights and stays lit.


And so I put a pizza in it, a one pound Aldi pizza, will it be any good?


I keep an eye on the oven. It stays alight.


I eat the pizza and go to bed. it wasn’t great but at least the job outside has been completed.


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