Friday, October 17, 2014

Training Day


I sit here sweating and shaking as i try to relax on the early train. I'm being looked at in amazement or is stupidity. For this morning I saw the train from far away, if I ran I would have to run. I went for it. This wasn't a short sprint, but a run that could only end badly. If I didn't try though I would have already have given up. So I went for it, the soles of my feet stamping the ground before springing back off the darkened tarmac. From the distance i could hear the doors have opened, I'm at the bottom of the long long and steep ramp, people are walking down it, and i am flying between them, oh no the beeps are going, as i turn the corner, the doors are closing, I leap from the floor in an Indiana Jones style leap of faith as the gap of the doors shrinks to my size as if I was thin, they touch me as I fly between them and into the doors on the opposite side of the carriage. So there was the entertainment for the train. Will I ever breath normally again? And after all that I'm not actually hungry. Nope I'm still breathing madly and soaked with sweat. The warmest coat in the world is probably not the coat to go running in but then I knew that already...


still trying to relax and in a sweet sweat I await my connecting train to Aston. I play with Facebook for a bit.


and then decide to make a video of the journey from Walsall to Aston – which can be viewed on YouTube for those of you that are bored.


I leave the station and


head for breakfast. But I’m not that hungry this morning!


I guess the running may have had something to do with that.


At dinner time I have no dinner either. I’m still not hungry. But there is always room for and ice cream after a walk and a sit down in the park with a colleague.


I leave work and go to catch the train at 5:05pm. As usual I only just make it, only I don’t notice something. I open my book and instantly try reading it again like last night. this is great I can still read on the train! And so go into another world of my book. the train hurries along, stops at a station and then goes on again, until the next station, then stops and then goes on again and then stops. This time though my brain notices something. The announcement on the train "this is Erdington" didn't go down well. I was reading my book and looked up. Are we at Erdington I ask the man opposite? He looks around him and replies "Yes i believe it is". “Shit” I shriek at him “I'm on the wrong train”.....and just make it out of the doors before they close. I’m lucky in a way. I switch platforms get a train back to Aston which arrives just before my train to Walsall! We are on our way back, but my brother will be at my house before me and Poade will be on his way too. I contact them both and suggest I meet my brother in the pub next door.


I enter the pub and there he is. The barmaid gets me a pint and I sit with him. “She remembered me too” say my brother. I take the glasses to the bar and leave to get changed round my house. I then get the Mx5 started and head back to the station to collect Matt. He appears and climbs in and then we head off. He is anxiously watching where we are going.


I give him a tour of the house and he says “oh my you have been busy, it doesn’t look like you’ve just moved in it looks like you’ve been here for months!” He give me a card from him and Maddy


and a bottle of bubbly and then


We head back in the Pied Piper.


The Bar Maid like this, “you’ve come back! With another customer great!”. We have a pint and then leave. On the way out she asks “are you going to come back with some else in a minute too?”


We head down the road to the Roebuck.


Not that impressive, I’d rather be in the Pied Piper. We have a pint there and then head into the centre.


And go to the Weatherspoons. Matt likes it, he doesn’t like Weatherspoons pubs normally but he likes it here.


Matt is eagerly watching his watch for the train home and wants to go for his tea. So off to Shabab’s we go, because it is close to the station and also has a good reputation.


We open the menu, well some of us do


others like to see how good the food is going to be by checking out the toilet cleanness.


It clean and so we order. Out come the poppadum's.


And then the starters come.


All very nice.


and enjoyable. But what really worries me is what are the nan breads going to be like?


As it happens its a nice nan bread, only a bit small. But better small and nice than big and bad.


Matt insists we have rice, and that I share a tea spoon of it. The waiters thinks its funny that they give me loads!


Right what is the chicken Jalfrazi going to be like?


Not as hot as Matt’s food though that is for sure.


bring on the drinks.


Before you know it Matt is out of the door and running to the station, perhaps he is practising for Sunday, or for the toilet run in the morning. Will he infact make it to Brum without having to use the facilities. We will never know I guess.. I tell him its only two minutes away but he doesn’t seem to believe me or need walking to the station. When we get the bill I was right, twenty each, not bad and the meal, well it was really nice.


Back at home I look though my cards.


The smallest one that has a blank front has the has a most meaningful message.



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