Monday, November 24, 2014

Arms like superman


I get up, and leave the house, and start a very chilly walk.


Past the tunnel to the lovely center of town and continue further on to the station.


Here it is certainly fresh, although my head still does not feel it.


On the train though I get to open the yellow book of Mu Mu and dissapear into its magical world, a world that was tormenting me for more, more, more mu. I could feel it calling me, begging me to read more, my mind wanted more, and I was going to feed it, uncontrollably.


Dinner time came and off me and Matt went to the church.


I’m not sure God has seen me so much for a long long time in his place of worship. But he is feeding me and that counts for a lot. And even more spectacular is the fact


that today with have pasta! Yes unbelievable.


I get home and go to bed almost instantaneously. I lie there thinking, thinking that wardrobe can’t stay there, its just not right. I think some more, and then I realise something. The three compartment wardrobe is made up of a two piece and a single piece screwed together. So if I could unscrew them I could part them and fit them in the the alcoves. That would be perfect. So a job that should take no more than 30 minutes begins, some three hours later I wish I’d never started, what was I thinking? For when I put the wardrobe back together I made it better than I was given it. I put extra screws in, I put extra brackets in and I put them in the bottom, so now getting them out was an issue. And once that was done, why oh why would the boxes not come apart. The answer was, no more nails. Not me, no I didn’t use no more nails. And I’ve never ever seen it work so well. I could just part the two bonded walls, just, and then I could just get a screw driver in the gap to force them, and then I could just get my fingers in, and then I could with all my light pull them apart, but the bond wouldn’t break. It just wouldn’t. I persisted and persisted and eventually after a long long time and a lot of sweat, and arms of superman, it broke, it came away, it gave up. God knows what the neighbours thought all the banging was about.


I could feel my whole body was strained and tired, Now to move the furniture around and reposition things. It worked though, it fits perfectly. It took much longer, and it took more effort, but it worked, its so much better, why had I not thought of this before?


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