Monday, November 17, 2014

As If To Taunt Me


Its a damp morning, I make the most of the journey on the train by disappearing into my book. It is good to get back to where I was from the weekend activities of not allowing me a quiet moment to pick it up. Its a shame we get to work really but it has to be done. I get off and head to my desk.


Dinner time has become a big issue. Still not making sandwiches I ponder what it is I’m going to eat. My colleague is also in the same dilemma and we decide to try Star City. It has been sometime since Ihave been here, it might even have been a whole year since I left the gym here to start the gym at the Broadway Plaza. The Gym is boarded up and the place although full of cars is quiet. And whilst there is a selection of restaurants here, we are looking for something that is dinner time budget money wise. The big dilemma is solves with KFC. Intrestingly they are one table short, and just in case your stupid they have left a message where the table should be! This is not where we sit.


We sit at a table, that is a table, a big round table that can seat many but on this occasion is seating two. It gives us plenty of space to put our unhealthy food in front of us. I comment I can't eat like this forever.


Although in reality, I can eat it. The calorie intake is too high, the cost is too high. Hell I’m missing the subsided canteen junk.


Eventually it is time to go home, I sink into my book, then walk across the town and get home. I pick up my mail.


As if to taunt me, my home insurance have written to me and sent me the vouchers they promised when I took out the insurance. Why the hell could these have not come last week? Why? Why? Why?


I get the oven warmed up, put a small joint in and cook up some tea. And whilst healthier than my dinner, its definitely a meal for two.


I ponder the fact that I really need to start going swimming. And then devour the whole plate full. This leaves me wanting to relax. I consider the painting issue.


And relax I do.


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