Saturday, November 08, 2014



I wake up and ask myself if I’m well enough to get out of bed? And if so what am I going to do? I look out of the window. Its a gloomy, wet rainy day. So the choices are painting or taking my mom out if she wants to go. I give her a call on that thing called a phone. Shockingly it is answered on the other side! With a complaint that I didn’t have my phone on last night! Well thats a good thing, I was in the cinema. I take a moment to look up Cannock Cinema on the Web and weather I should have supported my local picture house. It looked like I should have done.


We head out. I’m wearing my second poppey of the year and I’m proud of it. Not the fact that I lost my first one. And whilst I know when I lost it I don’t know where. Exactly that would be. Too late now, red and red doesn’t clash. We got to Dunemll and I spend a fortune, so does my mom. Things I knew I needed, may need, ideas of need and also my Christmas present of some new curtains for room number 1 that I’m never going to finish.


We go next door and put a pound in a trolley. That's bargain number one. We head round pound land buying things we never came for and probably don't really need.


On second thoughts I do need, I need one of these spirit levels. Although by now I already know about the things i have put up that arn’t level, and for a quid is this thing accurate anyway. I’m sure John Hooker would be proud of me. I sling it in the boot with the rest of the bags. Next we go to Carols – now know as Home Extra and where everything is priced tagged and bagged at the tills with TJ Hughes. This place is an aldins cave and I have not been for years. We spend a fortune. After all this hard hetic shopping I decide it is time for a late dinner, which we have been meaning to go to for over one and half hours now.


My mom desperately wants a KFC. I have remember something though and I want to take her somewhere else. We head into the centre for town and through a doorway in the street, up some stairs and through another door. We are here.


Somewhere, whilst not hidden, it is neither obvious where it is.


A tea room that serves food as well. Saying that it might not, as its so late. I go and ask, the serving girl smiles at me and says well it is late but go on, please take a seat and I’ll bring a couple of menus over. We sit order tea and then our meals. I’m not surprised to have my order was rejected, and she knowingly said “I knew you would ask for that”. I change my order without a problem, it was late in the day afterall. And luckily with that she replied “it comes with chips and garlic breads as a special for you today”.


The simple dishes came, but that is what I was expecting, The portions really good, but the best thing was


the taste of the homemade Lasagne, thankgod they didn’t have what I first tried to order.


We look at the view whilst we enjoy our meals


We will definitely be venturing in here again. We leave somewhere behind schedule, not by a lot, but by a whole lot. I told my dad to collect my mom at 2pm from my house. It was now 3pm. And hold on a moment I just remembered that place round the corner you know


that green grocers I mean to keep going to. And so we venture to Jessica’s. I can’t remember the last time I saw baking potatoes so big, I mean real big, huge, massive as in they’ll take a century to cook. I fill the basket with things I want, my mom wants and then I hurl it over to the check out girl. And the girl at the check out looked at me and said "that's a nice selection and two ferns?" I smiled, winked and replied "yep I'm going to eat them too".


Back at home I unpack all that shopping and


there is lots of it. Why did we buy so much???


And the Amazon man had been, I take it, it was a man but you never really know with these people you never see and does he know the milkman? Having watched the Ninth Gate the other night I thought I’d try the book “The Club Dumas”. Would it be as good?


I also get a new backup hard drive. A place to store stuff you don’t want to loose.


I set up and arrange that shoe rack I got from Dunelm. Not that I wanted to use it as a shoe rack. Nope I want to use it as a rack to dry my clothes with. And its a good fit too. There you go the shoes can go by the side. Now I’m considering getting a car and for that I need to catch a train. My dad turns up and as it happens my “train” is in ten minutes. And so I get a lift to the station for that “train”. I head up tot the platform. The “train” is due any moment. Hold what does that say? Replacement bus service? But where from. Where do you catch this replacement bus? Would some signs be too much to ask for dear London Midland. Would it? On the platform? On the way up to the platform? On the road side where the buses will stop? I am lucky, some else tells me where to be and stand and I wait.


Luckily the bus service is better than the train service and turns up. Most likely because at the road side it is hard to announce we are sorry. It would also appear this bus service is free. I got on and neither me or the driver cared less. So I sat down behind Miss Purple.


Sometime later, and I mean sometime later I get to Walsall station. Apparently from here on the train does run. And that being London Midland apparently is the name of the game.


There is time to burn before the train arrives, enough time to allow me to go window shopping. Only I don’t come out with a window, nope I come out with a mirror. I insist it is bagged up.


Afterall we are going on a journey.


Me and my mirror.


We reach the office and I consider the fact that I don’t actually know the door codes any more. I must not think I say to myself. I must not think.


And I don’t, which means I’m in past the two security doors both with different codes, I think, no I don’t, no I didn’t. In the background I can see my wizards hat glowing blue.


I pick up my bag, the keys to the car and


head out.


All I have got to do now is think of somewhere to go….


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





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