Friday, November 07, 2014



There aren't many days I’d go into work when not feeling well still. But this was one of them. Head still pound, dizziness and so laffergic I should be in bed still. I’d got a project going out on Monday and I needed to go and make some effort to get it out and heading in the right direction. So I got out of bed and got in the car. There was no way I was catching the train and going to work. This later caused an other issue for me but it didn’t matter. Some 30 minutes later I was at work for 8am. Things weren’t good. And look at all those emails. And what's all these folders? I push them aside and discuss the job in hand.


Mean time Giff Gaff warned me I was running out of data allowance. Duly noted there was nothing I was going to be able to do about this.


And I went passed the limit!


Buying random eBay stuff like this doesn’t help. At dinner time we ventured out into the torrential rains and went to Tesco's, the now thing that is done every dinner time. We would have been better prepared f we had taken an ark but we didn’t, we all pile into a metallic box and head off. To blend into the area we all put our hoods up and look criminal. Easier done for some than others. Luckily I have my big black coat on, hood up and you could only see my eyes, so I blended in the best.


Back at my desk and I had my now favourite dinner, consisting of Tuna, Feta cheese and sun dried tomato pasta and a simple salad. And I truly do love it. It makes my taste buds tingle in tat divinest of ways. I just can’t get enough of it.


With my head still spinning and hurting one had a walk to the post box and posted a load of letters to please return to sender. I seem to be getting quite a collection of them now. And not all the same person either. Just how many people have lived here?


Work ends and really I need to take a company car home. But I don’t. I leave and head into Birmingham in my own car. I can’t see the point in going home. I’m not going to do anything practically good with this head apart form go to sleep. I know where to go that will be quiet, and dodge through the maddening traffic to get there.


I park up, in my old usual spot, get my ticket and head up to the Broadway Plazza and the Odeon cinema there.


I get my ticket and choose a red seat.


The seats here are comfy too, not like the other places where I get an uncomfy bum after a time and start to wriggle. They look exactly like the other seats in all the other cinemas but in comfy terms they are better, well to me.


Like I hoped it was me and my tango in there. The film was about to start.


Now I didn’t know much about this film apart from it was a sci fi film and hence why I wanted to see it. I’d done my best not to read the reviews, you talk to anyone about it, here we go on an adventure of fantasy.


However a good deal of it is on planet earth. Was that a bad thing/


Well any film with Michael Caine in it can’t be a bad film can it?


The film is about this girl


A whole lot if farming


And how she grows up.


Of course there is some outer space action involved in the film.


In fact loads and as a story is good.


Really good.


Its a film so well done and a script so well written, that it bauds well not to say anything about the story.


Just that it all makes so much sense but only if you stay to the end.


Magnificent but you can’t watch it twice!


Back at home I enjoy some chipps from the chippy across the road, two eggs out of the hen, into the frying pan and onto the plate, with some of the chips splattered with the red stuff. This is complemented with a glass green bottle of Carlsberg larger. And then I do a bit of sanding and paint a section of the wall. Well its a different shade, that's for sure. Now which do I prefer?


And then I finish making the futon, now I have the part I need to complete this jigsaw. That’s it then I’m tired, I’ve been tired ever since I got up. How have I gone on all day. I look at my watch and I consider, and think now what should I do about this?


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