Thursday, November 06, 2014

I didn’t have to wait until Valentines Day


When I did get up today, at about 1pm I did nothing. Well that is how it has seemed. Whilst I was in bed horizontal, snug and cosy, I left okay. But once up my head hurt again, and bad. So I’ve achieved nothing other than booked a hotel for the James concert and that took it out of me. Wheather this “hotel” will be any good, we will have to wait and see. I’ve been cheeky and used a promo code I shouldn’t have. It made me think of Professor Michael Brown of A.U., the book he brought me and signed and all the ice creams he brought me, when my parents couldn’t afford them. He would never guess how good I am now at it. We’ll see what happens – apart from the big discount it gave me. Other than that I have dreamed of snowboarding. I might have a way, I might not. My head has hurt so much that I haven't even read, or played the PS3 or watched TV. A short walk and I came back home very tired. On the bright side of life I now have


A washing line pole. I didn’t even have to wait until Valentines Day either!


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