Saturday, November 01, 2014

I guess that's expected


I wake up in my own bed, in my own, house, not clothed, and without my contact lenses being in. How? I can remember getting off the train and having the worst Kebabb ever from the shop next door to Silks nightclub.


I’ve even hung my shirt up rather than it being dumped on the floor. My head hurts but I guess that's expected.


A few cups of tea latter I head out and get my haircut, and


also end up in Aldi. I get some food and also a set of tuppawear. Did I need tuppawear? Well I must have though so. And the cashier was impressed by the tuppawear too and they were a bloke!


And whilst out I get some electricity and


gas to keep warm with.


My brother brings his PS4 round and we have a play. He’s not happy about how good I am at Driving club and I’m beginning to like it, considering I didn’t a few weeks back.


A couple of hours later we are in the Piped Piper having a pint. I’m drinking it slowly and we are talking to one of the other customers and the bargirl.


We are going out for tea and she suggests the best place is the Dilshad.


And so thats where we are heading to, Chadsmore a very welcoming place.


The thing with Chadsmore is, they seem to like their curry's, there are several places all together. So before we goto the Dil Shad we take a look at them all. The Dil Shad “is” very popular, a large place thats is busy. I suggest we go to the quiet place next door. A Bangladeshi restaurant.


This turns out to be a very very good experience.


and one ponders why its not busier?


We get some beers from the shop next door, which seems to be the thing around here and then order.


When it comes, one ponders, is it going to taste as good as it looks?


Is it?


Yes it does!


And then the mains come. Ohhhh


the food is devine.


The rice and nans are perfect


and its great not to have a chicken Jalfrezi


The bill comes and oranges, and wipes and a chocolate. Yeah this was good, this was a good choice.


We walk back to my place and initially we were going to have another pint. I though want to watch this weeks Doctor Who and then go to bed.


And wow was it a good episode.


I mean really good, not like last weeks. And then it was off to bed for me, my brother he stayed up. I count two hundred and thirty eight sheep.

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