Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm not even meant to be here


Its hard to know weather I’m meant to be coming or going and in the end I said look I’m not doing anything important this week so just tell me when your organised. I can be flexible and it was left like that. And so today I’m on the train weather I thought I would be or not. Of course the good thing about this meant I could enter the world I’m vogureing via the pages of this book.


I know where this train is going but where will this interesting book take me? I’m deep into it, not being a book I would have chosen myself, a book of difference, a breath of fresh air in stories. A book that is making me want to come back to it.


The day goes quickly enough to the point of begin able to look up cheers and the bar where everybody knows your name. I really enjoyed this series back in its day and to a point also lived it. It was time to catch the train and I cut short my conversation with my boss. I pondered if he was testing me to see if I would break off and leave the office just before the official leaving time as usual. And I did.


The thing was though once I’d hurried down to the station I was going nowhere. As I got there they cancelled the train just as it was meant to pull up. There was a flood of people going into the ticket office asking if and when the next one was and weather it was going to definitely run.


I sit down in the ticket office, it is cold outside and there is a seat here. Some girls head down to the shops after asking me when the next train is due. Me I take the moment to get me book out and let my eyes wander the pages of text and unravel the story further. At this point the ticket man got fed up of people coming and asking if the next train was running. So he made an announcement over the tanhoy system that the next train was due at 17:35, it was definitely coming and was on its way in New street as we spoke. Of course he regretted doing this. Moments later there was an automated London Midland announcement.


Yeah thats right the next train was cancelled. His face dropped as he knew what was going to happen next. A flood of people came into the ticket office abusing him, with the classic of one man “Don’t take this personally” he yelled, “But the company you work for is CRAP!” and walked off. He tried to explain that he didn’t know why they’d cancelled the second train and there was information at this point why.


I on the other hand was not meant to be here but many many many miles away. I was getting cold, I was getting miserable, I was getting through many many pages. I think the word fed up cropped up. The girls that went to the shops came back. I broke the news to them and their faces dropped until there chins hit the floor and their teeth popped out on the grey slabs. They were horrified. I was just cold even in the ticket office.


The train did come and I did not get to finish my book, hell it felt at one point I might.


But I did get home at around 19:30. Well I was cold, and the night seemed over, even before it had began!


I made me a man sized delicious and filling salad.


Still cold, I decided to put some music on, get in the bath, warm up and relax before bed. It was the right thing to do, I pondered though that if I was miles away what I would have been doing right now?


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