Sunday, November 02, 2014

I ponder if the scrubbing brush is going to hurt?


I get up and start breakfast, the sausage, bacon and tomato is in the knackered oven whilst I decide to make scrabbled eggs to go with the meat.


Now it may seem odd, but it has been a wile since I’ve done scrabbled eggs, so I reached for my we can cook anything together cooking book, and put it to the test. Erm is that all the milk I pondered. I swear I always used to use a lot more when making scrabbled eggs.


I lob it all in a big bowl and beat away.


Once cooked I serve up


It is yummy. I play on the PS4 for a bit before my dad calls to tell he’s coming round so we can go and get a 9 meter ladder to get to the grand heights of the roof apex.


Before he turns up I decide to give the oven a clean with some chemicals. Apart from the cleaning I’ve given it, I reckon its never been cleaned. The top of it is thick with death black stuff.



Once I’ve done that I start to put the new futon together. Yep it takes up loads of space, just like I thought. And oh now I seem to have lost on of the bush parts. So that's another job unfinished.


My dad turns up and we go to Wicks. We have look at the ladders and some other items. Things like fence panels – I know so exciting, even my brain begins to hum badly again! I also get some more paint, which is on a two for one offer. I only want one tin though! So I decide to choice another colour, you know just in case I don’t like this purple either!


We put the ladder up and I go up but not tot the top. Hell getting high is not my thing. I mean this is really high.


Instead for now I finish off both ends by putting on the final black coating.


The top middle section will have to wait until I’m not tired and still hungover.


You can’t see it here, but its done apart from the middle high section, I feel satisfied if dirty.


And before I pack away


I get my drill out once more, I do like to get it out every now and again and have a good drill.


And put my house number up and remove the one from my door. Taking the vinyl one off my door takes a long long time. I knew it was going to and I was wrong. And I knew it was going to leave a sticky patch that the road grim will love!


And before I go to the parents for Sunday night dinner I ponder if the scrubbing brush is going to hurt.


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