Sunday, November 16, 2014

It all comes down


I get up, and find my brother is already up himself. He is busy playing on the PS3. I head into the kitchen and look at what I can rustle up for breakfast. There is a shortage of bacon. Not a problem, I can overcome this.


I knock togeather for my brother toasted BTL, with matured lettuce leaves and chilli. It looks nice but will it taste good. Apparently it does.


I decide on having dippy egg bread, something I havn’t had since The Wilderness. Why the hell not? It so nice. I put four eggs in the big dish and get the whisk out.


Once fully aerate more than an aero chocolate bar I cut up some cut it yourself tiger load and


start dipping the bread into the egg and milk mix.


being thick I leave it to soak up as much as it can. It gets very soggy.


Into the ceramic frying pan it goes and I cook it until golden brown.


Out of the frying pan and onto a plate and I put some fresh salad with it. My my my was it a lovely way to start the day. So soft and so tasty and so yummy. It was so nice.


Whilst the weather wasn’t great, it was good enough to get my rag cloths on and get up that ladder. It was time to get the job done, to get the job finished. Well one hoped.


And so up the ladder I went, right to the roof tops once more, to the giddy heights I enjoy, not that I want to be there, but once there, the giddy giddy heights are somewhere you can be at one with the birds.


And so I start putting on the black coating, ensuring a good solid thick winter coat.


Sometime later with the job done it all came down. Slowly, very slowly but down it now is. Its not that the work is completed. Just the work I wanted to get done before the winter sets in.


I’ll repoint the brickwork next spring. For now though I’ll enjoy the drive without the scaffolding up. I can even think of bringing the MX5 over. However the garage is now full of ladders!


I stand back and admire my handy work. From here in the damp it doesn’t look bad.


And hopefully when I have repointed it next year, it will blend in completely.


Now that black coating, I didn’t just get it on the things I was meant to. Nope I got it everywhere, including on me, and this stuff sticks. It sticks to everything, especially me and what ever you touch. I head to the snow white bathroom. I consider the possibilities of this being a big big mistake.


Sometime latter I’ve scrubber the top layer of my skin off, and then I’ve scrubber the bathroom white again. I get dressed and head round to my parents.


I have my Sunday evening meal, and get a full belly. It fills me up nicely.


Once back home I have Big Bang fix and write my blog. Hell I’ve missed all the 8 series episodes, how could I?

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