Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It Is Never Happy Ever After, But It Will Always Be Interesting


This isn’t one of my bananas. This has nothing to do with me other than to take a picture of it.


Nothing grinds me more than people leaving their waste around, unless of course its at a station or other building that has decided that a no bin policy is best. I mean you can even now get clear bins so no bins just means this. A banana skin where you don’t want one.


I get back to my book and Donkey Skin. She hasn’t been in the story for ages but is now back in.


As I read I suddenly notice that its all going to be over quicker than I thought. I know I’m enjoying the story as I can’t wait to get work over, so I can get on the train. Not to go home but to get this book out, to see where the story is going, for some reason I’ve enjoyed immensely entering this alternative world, a world away from the people in the same carriage of me who might as well not have been there.. But now it looks like we might be here already. And I don’t want it to end but all too quickly….


It is never happy ever but it will always be interesting. Now the book in my view should have ended here. Not that I would know that yet. And it didn’t I saved the last chapter of 4 pages for the journey home.


At work I’m trying to starve off all that bad for you food I’m eating a dinner time. So in my bottom draw can be found bananas and apples, along with some tea bags, although at work tea bags are provided, which makes these a bit pointless.


My usual eating partner is stuck in a meeting, and I find another. To impress them I take them to Polly’s. I ask for pie, chips and bake beans and I get pie, chips and bake beans. However my dinner buddy also asks for pie, chips and bake beans and he doesn’t get pie, chips and backed beans. For after I ordered mine, the serving girl had a quick look in the freezer and declared they only had one pie. So really I don’t think Polly's impressed him. I don’t think anything about Polly's impressed him.


Before you know it, the day is over and I’m on the train. Four pages can take me a long time to read, but not tonight. By the time I’m at my connecting station of Tame Bridge Parkway I’ve finished the last sentence and thought, what was the point of that, this book should have finished on page 323, surely that would have been a better end to it?


To have ended it just before the end would have made a better ending, an ending where you decide how it ends. Know doubt I’ve been impressed with Roise Garland and yes I found i bewitching. A book I would normally have never tried, never picked up, never brought, but I did and I read it like no other.


I write a note in the cover and close it. That is the end. And I head off home on the over crowded and stifling second part of my journey.


At home I’ve had a parcel, an parcel from Amazon. I know what it is, and although I’m seeing it tonight, I won’t see it again for sometime. I open it, check it works and put it back.


For this is going under the Christmas tree, and no not the one outside that is lit up with fairylights,


For tea I fancy fish finger, so I have them, three of them, and whilst they are cooking I get hungrier. So I put in a pasty that claims to be a spicy chicken. Odd but strange. Once I’ve eaten the fish finger sandwiches I’m really not hungry any more. But there is the spicy chicken, and thus I have to eat it, and I do.


I head upstairs


And select my next book, I’m so looking forward to this book that I hope I’m not going to be disappointed. I am scared that it will be, that's its not all I hoped. There is only one way to find out though and I pull it from the shelf. I look at the cover.


I am not sure if it is a goat or a sheep


Hold on its a cow.


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