Thursday, November 20, 2014

King Lucifer Forever


Another beautiful day here in Staffordshire. I get my little legs walking in the delightful morning air, but no matter how delightful I’d still rather be in bed.


Luckily I know what is installed for me today on the train. Or so I thought. Perhaps I should have read the title more carefully.


As I start the book I didn’t quiet realise what it was I was in for. My expectations were just about to be burst and not in an immediately good manner.


For the book started where I hoped it would end, the burning of a million pounds, the burning of a million pounds in the Isle of Jura, a place most people go to for whiskey, for me though, I just wanted to see the place it got burnt, and if there were any ashes left to touch. There wasn’t of course, and the beginning of the book was really just the beginning of the magic and chaos, and was that after the burning or before.


If these first pages were anything to go by, I would be totally maddened by the contents of what lay before me, a book so inside itself that I am lost, lost within the entwinings of the world here. I disappear into a book full of such illumination, and coincidence.


I don’t want to stop here, I don’t want to get off, the ride is great, I’m in the clouds, in their heads, I'm here, I sitting right next to the rabbit spirit with long ears, bum do I have to get off.


and with a thump, I’m here back in my world and back to reality. Crumbs I can’t wait to get on that London Midland train tonight. I thought the last book was good, this one is addictively drawing, I want that next page, i want to hear that next luddicaracy.


In fact I went to church again, but not before midday, not until I needed feeding, not until I wanted to be at a funeral.


Well I didn’t but here it was.


And so we ate under the eyes of god. And as if we couldn’t resist we went to his house to have a peek.


To see what had been so loving built after the ashes.


To see the glory of the spirit, and to look closes at the ears of all those pictured throughout.


To see and enjoy the old blended into the new, the magnificence, the illuminati.

IMG_20141120_135042695_HDR The one place that God unarguably exists is in our minds where they are real beyond refute, in all their grandeur and monstrosity.


It is hard to tell the new from the old, the truth from the lies, but it all looks very nice anyway. I look around for a manhole cover to stand on. But I cannot see one.


I turn around and see another figure at the end of the church.


As I look up I consider is this King Lucifer Forever?


There is no reply.


No handshake


No goodbye.


“Come Nack” I hear, “we must leave now” and I dawdle out of the door for the trip back to my desk.


If anyone can understand any of this it would be Drummond.


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