Saturday, November 15, 2014

Of Romance


Not much happens in the morning. I say hello to the hen and then make some breakfast. I rearrange the front room, and then spend time putting it back exactly like I found it. Yep that certainly took up much time. I do my house works and tatt around like a loose part. I go outside and have a look around the garden and then to see if the bamboo has died yet? Its not looking good that's for sure and then round the back of the garage I think what's that. It turns out to to be one very very stiff cat looking at me. And when I say stiff I mean stiff as in the non moving sense. Its definitely peering at me. Worse still its lying there dead on one of my bamboos!!! I got and get a big black bag and the spade. Now when I said stiff I actually mean stiff. Rigid stiff. If I wanted I could have took it to my hearth place and everyone would think I’d just got a black stuffed cat so that I didn’t have to feed it, let it out and clean its sand box. As stiff goes this cat was it. Now on the spade what was I meant to do with it. I considered burring it. Then I came to my senses.


Eventually the parents come round from my brothers, it was quiet late in the afternoon by then. We got in the car and drove down the road and parked up, in a different car park to usual. Not that it made any difference really, it was close to the town centre and it was full of cars. It was just a lot shorter journey to this car park. We headed under the under pass and popped out in the shopping area.


First off we head into the Post Office. This morning I have received a letter of Npower to say they are giving me a refund of £12 for the electricity. That seemed fine to me, if a bit odd. So I ask if this post office is doing the deal and they credit my electric key with said amount. I also find out I can top up my gas here too, great. We headed into the pound shop, into the charity shops, into Jessica fruit and veg and brought lots of fruit and veg again. And then I took my dad for a treat. We went to the electrical store, the store that is an Aldins cave of gifts, bits and pieces, DIY and hoovers. Its one of those odd stores that once you enter a male you find most satisfying. It has it all, all the things a man needs, wants and desires. I come out with two plugs of a different size, and two lengths of chain of a different size, and 4 plug extension lead, and a 3m HDMI cable. My dad is laden to and my mom also gets something I can’t mention here so won’t. Back at home I cut the cable from the the packet and connect up my PS3.


To my surprise I find out that my brother has decided to come down tonight afterall. Not that he has told me he is coming. Nope that would be too easy for me. With this knowledge and the fact I know it was Beardys birthday yesterday I call him up and leave him a message to give me a call if he wants to come out. I fix the teapot that I broke last night, when its top came of the lid and magically disappeared under the cupboards never ever to be seen again no matter how hard I looked.


For this I got one of my cupboard door knobs and placed it on top. Luck was with my, Okay so its a bit big, but that now makes it easier to hold, but the screw, which didn’t disappear fitted the thread on the knob. All was good all was perfect.


I put Jessicas fruit and veg away and then take out of the bags


the CD’s I’d brought. I took a chance on the Simply Red album, some songs I lie some I don’t with them. I have to be in the mood for them. A Radiohead live CD and an Ash album I’d never heard of and was about to find out why.


I get plug one out of the bag and try it, yes I’ve been lucky again, it fits the hole. I’m surprised because in the Aldine’s cave there were many sized plugs. The thing I did know though was


the one I needed for the bathroom sink was smaller. This is one exciting Saturday night so far


turn the Futon into a double bed for Beardy, who having spoken to earlier and was quiet up for coming out, has changed his mind is now very moody about the whole prospect, to the point of just being plain rude. Some people you just can’t help.


Well as I didn’t need to fetch him anymore there was no point hanging around. I went across the road with my brother and we had a few pints.


There’s no doubt about it, the beer here is strangely strong. I’m off my head before you know it.


I find an interesting story about the pub in the latest Camera mag.


The pub now has ACVI status making it harder for the council to grant permission to change it from a pub to something else. They only needed 20 odd signatures for this, which to me seems surprisingly few.


What they got was 250! I looked around and thought…. how? And there was a 30th birthday bash going on in the big room.


For tea tonight we weren’t going to head into Curry Meka Chadsmoor but into the center of Cannock. We pass through the Christmas lights and I think is this it. Has there been some budgets cuts here. Last night there was meant to be a big do to turn them on. But them isn’t them, its a little gesture of lighting. Surely this isn’t it.


We walk past the church and its eerie grounds.


And there it is, the place North and Kirsty told me of


The Place of Romance, the place they have been coming to ever since they have been seeing each other. Not that I had brought my brother here for romance.


We are sat down and are given the menus, why was there a tiger on the menu? Why was Eye of The Tiger playing on the stereo? Why was there no Tiger beer on tap, in the bottle or even out, in a glass and on our table.


I struggled to choose something I really wanted. But I search and then searched again. Of course there was something I wanted on the menu.


The Cobra’s came, but not as quickly as Jivans, but then how would they know here that this is what we want? I consider if they miss us. I sure miss them.


Well here it is, a dish of flavoursome delight. Tastes to make your tongue curl, heat to make your nostrils twirl. Delight and pain, but only enough to just make your taste buds go insaine.


And it was filling. Very filling.


It was all eaten, every lttile bit, nothing left not a morsel.


The bill followed and whilst the Plaza was good, it wasn’t as good as the others we have been to. Convenitent, yes, inexpensive, yes but the others had something more, something I wanted to go back for. Here I wouldn’t, what i do miss though so so so much is Jivan’s.


We wander back across the town in the now very chilly air, where it freshens you up, chills the inside of your lungs.


We reach the Piped Piper once more, it is open and there is plenty of time to nip in.


So we do, and drink up, and notably they want us to drink more as they keep asking if we want another before we close. I am plastered though, happy, merry, relaxed.


We head home eventually on that longest of walks.


settle down before it is finally time


time for bed.

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