Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Oh My It’s Tom Hanks


I arrive at work and do my stuff. There seems to be an never ending amount of stuff, and stuff that you haven't planned for keeps making its way to the front of the pile. If this is so, how will I ever reach the end of the pile, which for all intense and purposes in the paperless office is none existent. Worse still my hangover from Saturday has come back. Is that possible? Reassuringly, unlike last year, I have received my diary for next year.


At dinner time, we head to Tesco’s food refinery of food most delicious. I can only do this if someone now takes me. If they don’t I starve. Well I could go to the chippy. I can only hope the Tuna is of the finest and best looked after quality. It dosn’t look like tuna, and to be truth isn’t present in a fishy manner. By home time I am tired and my head hurts.


On the train I disappear from this world for a while. The second train is full and so I return back to reality to a standing position.


Home I look around and decide to eat healthy and have an easy night again, and get to bed early. I get the steamer out for play.


Sometime later I have dinner ready.


Much healthiness and some sausage. A plate for two of course!


I settle on the sofa to watch my next Love Film flick, is this going to be any good I consider and have a jelly bean and press play. I have a quick look around to see if Tom is here?


And it was something I shouldn’t have considered. Not Tom being here, but if I was going to get submerged within the movie.


For what seemed at first absurd, soon came to fruition.


For it was a story, about a story, about a story.


And we all know how they go….. with unexpected surprises here and there


And oh my its Tom Hanks. It truly is….


And it was very touching, a touching story of a touching story of a touching story. Did it end well?


Oh course it did, I went to bed for sweet dreams, although I still had a bad head.


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