Sunday, November 23, 2014

Post Fruit


The come down from the excitement was a come down, still I needed more sleep, but still I had to leave by 10am. I got up had a cup of tea and some biscuits followed by a shower and then packed. It was all done very quickly, and then I disappeared, through the hotel room door, through the hotel door, and down the road through horrible area. This time not dusk but day light, things looked no better in reality though. I got my car and headed home. Once back I put my washing in the machine turned it on and went and lay on my bed. The next time I’m conscious its 4pm, and that only because the phone is ringing. That phone ringing was my mom asking if I want to go round for tea. I looked at my watch startled by the post fruit of the time from my nap of four hours. So I said yes. When I got there the cat was the most pleased person to see me.


She wouldn’t leave me alone. It was nice to be so wanted.


So playful and yet so relaxed at the same time.


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