Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Right in front Of Your Eyes


The morning is more pleasant as I cross the town centre. The shopping trollies have been arranged in a work of art fashion by those with nothing better to do. I get on the train, read and head into the office. There is plenty to do.


I have an energy snack, and then search the web for somewhere else to try. I find a cafe hidden away.


Dinner time comes and we get in the car and head just down the road to what looks like a very well used cafe. Scruffy on the outside,


Even scruffier on the inside. Its somewhat hard to work out what is on the menu. as there is no menu, just bits and pieces written on the walls everywhere? Weird but work out something I want.


So four pounds gets me


A mug of tea in a yellow but clean builders mug.


Some cutlery, nice and clean.


And whilst we are there, all these signs are taken down. I’m confused completely now. Are the telling us there’s noting on offer? They leave a dirty empty wall behind.


For my freind, he goes for the healthy option of cheese burger and chips.


For me I have cheese and potato pie that isn’t a pie, green beans which are baked beans and three sausages that are three sausages if its sausage meat. I guess it is but it could be any meat. I ate them anyway.


I decide Polly’s Pantry needs to be marked on Google Maps, so I submit it. I should not be the only person in the world subjected to this alone. Well obviously I wasn’t, I had company with me. But you know what I mean.


Well that was dinner sorted and now back to the hard work, the graft, the things we are meant to do, but never seem to get done in the endless tasks that never stop coming.


At some point it is home time. I get home from distant travels through the pages of text I’m reading, and through the monotony of the chilly walk back to my house, past the temptation of the fish and chip shop that smells so great and pub that quenches the thirst so well. I open my door and I have more post. I am a lucky person. Not only do I have post though I have something else too, I note, erm not for me. I ponder if this social worker is any good. If nobody has lived here since February do you not think they should have noticed at an earlier date? I file it away so that I can call them up and update there facts and figures.


I pick up my next love film disc. What is it we have here? Some light hearted entertainment and comedy.


Meet The Millers.


Oh what I wonder treat, what an exercise in laughter, and if this is exercise I want more.


A genuine family, doing genuine family things. If I could press rewind I would.


But right now I want to see it right to the end, for at the end you see the world of drug dealing right in front of your eyes.

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