Saturday, November 22, 2014

the Search for The Giant Peach


I was dreaming, dreaming of good things and Lucifer. Truly the best things you could dream of, the things that you can dream of in your head but that can never truly exist anywhere else, for they are not real, not of this world and nobody else would believe you anyway. That's what the mind is for that is where we truly explore. But I can hear voices in my head, they are becoming clearer and louder, not the voice of Lucifer but the voice of someone far more charming. I open my eye, just the one, you never know what it is you may see in the real world. I look and see, some wild energetic child, jumping at the end of the bed, her lips moving, and sound being echoed into my skull to reverberate against the inside walls. I’m certainly feeling rough, and whilst I open the other eye two I slowly look towards the alarm clock on the bed side, not that I need one, I seem to have one at the end of the bed. I see the time and consider Poade has been nice to me, it is 10:30am, that for him is late to get up and I feel happy he has let me lie in. I should have really know, but right now I hadn’t considered the fact and right now with a happy go wild child at the end of the bed on the left of me and my vivid yellow KLF book on the right I climb out of bed and smile at her. “Uncle Nack get up, there is so much colouring to do, I need you downstairs now, come on, come on.” I rub my eyes and finally climb out of bed to the bathroom to wash and wake up. She’s not leaving my side. This colouring thing must be important.


Eventual I’m pulled down the stairs fully clothed, to the kitchen, Matt is watching cartoons in the cartoon world of CBBC and I’m being further lured to the breakfast table in the hope of breakfast, instead though I am served up with felt tips pens, lots of felt tip pens, and enormous amount of them, more than were here last night.


From here I can see the tranquillity of the garden whilst there is one very excitable person sitting next to me. “Shhs”, I say, “look there a squirrel out there”


Something's though are more interesting than a squirrel. Something's are more important.


The world of imagination is far more important, where would we be without the magic world of our imagination.


As it happens Matt insisted that the reality of the cake shop was far more important than the imagination of anything else and dragged us out of the house and down the round to the cake shop.


He was right. The delightful colours did nothing for the inside of my head. There was no imagination going on now. I wasn’t imagining who the cakes looked so delicious. I wasn’t imagining how the cakes would feel on your lips, on your tongue, as you gently pushed it further inside, would the taste buds explode, would you want to grab more, in an endless indulgence of magnificence. I chose Red Velvet, nope I’m wrong my imagination chose Red velvet.


We leave Fall In Love At First Bit and go to WHSmiths followed by Waitrose. We head though the fresh veg and I search for a giant peach, the type you can only find in your imagination, and sure enough there was none on display. We whisked up and down the isles carefree and without Matt, who shopped in a totally unimaginary way.


Back in the house, back at the table, back with those felt tips, a job need to be completed. Colourful, evolving, out of this world, far far far away we had created together….


something to be proud of.


And Izzy now wanted to join  in too. No felt tips though, for we had the abundance of colouring crayons for this task.


Just who many pictures could we get through in one minute she thought. What ever she was imagining it was bigger than reality and you can't get any bigger than that.


As it happens someone needed to tidy up. Someone, who knew how to tidy up best. I thought she might show me, but I was wrong, I was left to it.


Quiet literally, I don’t know what was up with him, I don’t want to know, he’ll never guess and I doubt he’ll imagine what it was or why?


If anything we were graced with this quietness, a period where we were all settled and relaxed, where the imagination centre of the head could slowly drift.


But we were no being watched, Snowy was being observant, but they were not the only person.


From a distance someone is asking “what have you done to my Husband again Nack?”


At some point it is time to go, I have another venue to go to, I ponder the plan, the original plan that went to pot, and is now to pot. I climb in the car and decide to drop it off back at work. From there I have two choices, the train or to walk.


I select to walk, because I’m a fool and no matter how bad an area I’m still going to walk it with my phone out trying to negotiate the shortest way to Aston University. The other reason is because I feel well hungover. I need a rest, I need a swim. What I could without is being mugged though. And this here is one of most memorable corners of Birmingham. I used to work very near here and at dinner time we would go to the pub, and whilst still standing it remains desolate. This was a rough area, much rougher than now and here once stood a post box, one of the big red ones, and one day we came to the pub to see the rabble outside as usual, only today they had an Alsatian dog with them. They tide it to the post box, poured petrol over it and the post box and then lit it. It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t nice, and I’ve never forgot just how cruel humans can be for the sack of it, for the boredom of life. You’d ask why, but sometimes that's not the best thing to do. Safety was in the pub not outside it. Of course the letters didn’t get collected, I don’t think they ever got collected again from there, what was left wasn’t a pleasant slight, it was there for a while, a long time infact slowly decaying further and is still lurking around that head of mine too. They latter pulled the flats down, I don’t know what happened to the people, I don’t want to know. I walked on by feeling soulless.


Sometime later I make it, I find the building and I find the hotel room hidden in the highest and furthest corner of the building, which I got with my super discount staff code. No questions were asked, apart from by me,


“is the swimming pool open?” Apparently it was but only for another 15 minutes. I retreated to the room instead.


I unpacked my stuff, my KLF book and settled in.


I hang my famous travelling rucksack up and instead of a swim I had a shower and feel asleep in there, the water falling, lashing, dripping warmly over my head and body. I’m not sure I going to make this. I’m not sure I’m not just going to go to bed. I’m not, I’m not.


There was nice selection of teas in the room and I went for one that was meant to rejuvenate you. I would need some rejuvenating. I hoped this was magical tea.


I get changed head down the lift, pass the bar, pass the front desk,


and out the door. I look at my watch, I have time to discover a place I’ve wanted to check out, its on route via a dark alley. No problem, I pretend not to see what I see, but them they didn’t want to be seen either so that was alright.


I appear at the Jekyll & Hyde,


a bar famous for its over 100 gins on sale. And whilst I’m here at the bar sipping my drink of the dog, I look at face book. Zoe has mentioned the sunset over the bridge at Stockport as she has travelled over it and put up a photo of it. The person next to me looks at it and says “That's nice”. I look at them back and say “ Does it make you want to jump?” The non existent conversation ended there. He hadn’t understood my answer, but then why would he have done, unless he lived up there. I closed my eyes and considered splat – the quickest way to the Crowns beer garden I guess was too much to consider.


I head though the centre of Birmingham, now rejuvenated, stopping at Tesco express for tea, which consisted of Pringles, just Pringles and nothing else. It wasn’t that I went in for Pringles it was that they were a pound, and so came out with Pringles, a long tube of the finest. Not that they lasted long.


I walked through the non German, German market and the crowds, so crowded,


into Sinteranary Square which isn’t so square.


I stop and stare at a stall or two, to see the German engineered tat they are selling, and people are willing to buy at exuberant prices. I ponder if it is something in the German beer they are drinking that is deluding them into thinking this is what we want, this is what we need. Blinded by the insignificance that it is tat, non German tat at that.


I follow the river of people, shuffling, stepping, nudging, them being their own crowd control.


Seeing the big wheel of fortune infront of us.


I nip across toward the Library and take a back way without the crowds.


Just me and the stars


And the open spaces where once thousands of books stood, but now have gone, all hidden away form sight.


I flutter passed the back entrances of the theatre, and convention centres, down some more back roads and here I am.


The Flapper, it had been a long time Flapper. Memories. In fact I was surprised this back water place was still going, but the lights are on and there are other humans around, I get closer and open the doors.


Significantly I’m in this pub on my own, not a good thing really, this usually results in drinking the liquid too quickly. My preys have been answered though, here I’m brought into the twinkling lights of two, yes two pin ball machines. I look at the coin slot and what is written above. Hell Mary's that's not cheap, but it would keep me entertained. I insert the coins slowly in the slot, they are accepted and clonk click a stainless steel ball bearing appears. I’m entertained for the next thirty minutes when in walks the one and only Les, to my surprise.


Alright Les, my savour from getting too drunk too quickly or using all my change to quickly in the pin ball machines. Apparently the Gaz and Sara are not coming anymore so he was having one of their tickets. I say having as I don’t have the tickets and neither does he. Well that great but where are the other pair? For they have the tickets?


They come eventually something about getting some tea, not Pringles then and here it is, the ticket to ride James, its been a while. We have a few pints on top of the few pints I’ve already had! Which really make too many pints.


And it becomes time to move on, to go to the National Indoor Arena, I’d forgotten how close it was.


In through the doors and into the foyer area. I want a T-shirt, I need a T-shirt, They don’t have any T-shirts in my size??? Did they not think the audience would demand a T-shirt. Of all the T-shirt to want, an In search of the Giant Peach T-shirt is a must. Meanwhile the bar queues were becoming not queues but protes of either, not enough bars, or not enough bar staff. Eventually we choose a queue and end up at the front. The beer was shocking, Heinikein on a plstic 330ml bottle for £4.50! of wow. we have one each when I notice the offer being advertised above, 4 Heinekens for £16, I shout it out, I shout “wow thats the offer of the century” and the bar girl laughs back, but to my amazement Di thinks it a great idea and we have two bottles each!?! My eyes spin, I must be back in the non Germen, German market, or its having the same effect on us? I’m not sure.


the party starts, the noise begins,


the lights twinkle, and blind and dance,


And there he is, James but no Peach, no giant Peach.


The classics are played, they reverberate around the hall.


We jigger, we dance, we sing aloud.


For the magic is in the air, in the atmosphere we are breathing through our ears.


A moment where time is standing still and we are enjoying our stationary surroundings


For the fun of it


the amusesment


The indescribable being there


A masterful show piece on earth


i doubt it will go on but wait


I am wearing James, I am wearing the James T-Shirt, is that perhaps the giant peach I was searching for?


The answer was about to be announced.


But sometimes its better to take a walk with those you are performing for


Rather than to perform to, for when I look into your eyes I see your soul.


and that my musical friends was that.


the Giant Peach had come and gone.


It had of course gone because there was nothing left, we’d all taken a bit and enjoyed the taste, so we bit more.


But I got that T-shirt, finally after all these years, I got a genuine Peach Tea.


Not that it ended there. Nope


After show drinkies in a Shakespeare I’d never been to but always wanted to venture into. And whilst there I got talking to a fair maiden, who asked “Did you enjoy there new album?” “new album I replied?”. The conversation went on in an invincible way it could be. A way that made no sense but was perfect.


But it was time to go apparently, it was time to split.


and so I marched across the open expanse of the city


making my way to another bar or two on the way and finally stopping at a food joint, for food not joint, and I ordered a large kebab and chips. Which I was expect was giant, like the peach, it was giant, and whilst I sat there in amazement once more he kept asking, “have you got enough sir, are you happy” over and over again. There too much for me.


Giant was too big, too much for me, I would have been happy for normal. I ended up where I started but in my head were the words still “I look into your eyes and see your soul”.

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