Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Situation Is Worse Than It Looks


Another day another train ride.


Another train ride, another page, and another, and another, and another.


I read more and more, understand more and more, I am ready for the Chaos to begin, when will it start? Has it already started? Should I have notice?


Perhaps I’m here already in the eye, and the chaos is spinning around me, all around me, and from here I can srr it and if I put my finger into the spiningness of it all I can feel it, ripping the skin off that little finger.


I arrive home to meet the parents. The water man has been.


The water meter is now installed but one must consider, did they not have a dremel? That is rough, that would appear to be South Staffs installers best handy work! On the plus side he has put it inside the house which has its plus points – think about it. Apparently he didn’t know where the outside stop valve was either, and suggested we start digging for it! It will be there somewhere!


Back in the kitchen I’ve finally managed to mount the frame and it has now stayed up after falling down three times , breaking stuff underneath each time!


And I’m adding stuff to it.


This little ditto was given to me by someone special and must be 22 years old now. It says everything and I still have it.


I go to my parents and collect my MX5, she fires up a bit rough, its been nearly two months since I used her last. We drive to the Bridge for tea.


And have there two for one grill deals, so I’m well fed again.


And I get the MX5 back home, which is a good thing in the circumstances, as the situation is worse than it looks.


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