Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What Would Guy Fawkes Say?


I’m woken by the alarm clock. Something I didn’t need. For I no longer have just a headache. I’m positively ill. I switch it off curl up and over I try to remember to wake up once more around 9am to call in sick. No wonder I was so tired. Not long after I was back to sleep, cosy in my bed.


And the best thing about being ill in bed is the moments you are wake you can read in peace.


For every now and again I pick up my book and go elsewhere, eventually though I go back to sleep only to be woken up by the sound of keys in the door. I can hear my mom, so I call her up. It is good to see her, in fact it is really good to see her. As one of the best things of living at home was when you ill there was always some around, tea and food would always magically make its way to you.


She made me some dinner and then she went to work in the garden. Apparently it is a nice day out there.


I get out of bed at about 3:30pm. And whilst I suddenly felt fine, as soon as I was up, I did not. aghhh. I wandered into the garden, mowed the lawn and came back in to do nothing. I looked at the Bonfire display list for the area. As I looked down the list I was amazed to see they are all arranged for last weekend or this weekend! I pondered the fact that not a single one in the area was for tonight, Bonfire night!  What would Guy Fawkes say?


Eventually I cooked my tea, a nice cottage pie, a premade supermarket item, which tasted as divine as it said it would on the cover. I gave it some heat in the oven, which warmed not only it up but also the kitchen. When I took it out and put it on my plate I really couldn’t wait to eat it.  I may not be feeling well at all but my stomach was saying feed me feed me now. I finished up, washed up and then the doorbell went. Its not often that happens. In fact when it does, I have to say to myself is that my door bed, and kind of wait for it to sound again. I wen to the door, it was my boss and just like he said he would he had came round to say hello, and gave me his ladder stay. You know for that 9m tall ladder. I looked at it, put it against the wall and jiggled around. Perfect I commented. He asked if I’d be in tomorrow or not, I wouldn’t commit.


I settle on the soft warm to the touch sofa and put in the next love film disc in the drive. It whirls up and starts. I watch 20 minutes of the Lego movie before I reach for the off button. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Or was it I just wasn’t in the mood for that kind of film. I don’t know but I got no further with it. I looked through my collection and let my finger walk the shelves, over the numerous titles I have collected – mostly only favourites, not random stuff, well there might be one or two in there.. Now what do I fancy re-seeing I say to myself?


I choose wisely and enjoy the thrill and the endless delights of a deep twisted tale.


Like most if you look to deeply there are holes, but this film was very cleverly done, and each time you watch it you get to see just another very quirky bit you didn’t pick up the last time.


It comes to me that if the film is this good would it be worth getting the book? Did a book of it Exist? Surely, but would it work as a book.


There is only one way to find out.


And with that I have another early night.


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