Saturday, November 08, 2014

Where I am an Idiot


I ring the bell, there is an eerie silence. A head pops up at the front window then disappears. I hear screams of “oh my its Uncle Nack” and before you know it the front door is wide open and I’m knocked down to the floor as two children jump on me. I hear Matt say “thankgod he has come round now I'll get some peace and quiet and sit comfortably”. I think they call this love, but I’m not sure why. On the box is strictly Dancing. And very elegant it is too.


Once Nack has been pounded things begin to calm down, as tea is served and before you know it


Matt leaves and the horsie repositions to get ready to watch the TV too. Not for long though. It is declared


Yay Dr Who has started at last and you can see it better from here.


Out come the Sibbermen and what an awesome last Doctor Who it is, with such a deep broad story line, like no other yet ever shown, we were in for a treat, a special treat that is never to be repeated “in who script” so wound around a story that is


coxed on by those from the past, who appear to be who they aren't.


And those that will do what ever it is they have to no matter what they they have heard or know. For only this would work with this Dr Who and clara. No other cast would the entwineing tanglement have done justice


And those who must do what they don’t truly want to do, even though it is the right thing to be done.


No matter even when the end is nigh and now it is time to let go even when you don’t want to.


Even though there is no hope, no return and one wants to hold on so deeply to something they can’t have.


For the good of those you love.


For I am an idiot, that I know for sure.


Sometimes we are too late, sometimes our timing is wrong, sometimes we hide the truth no matter what.


No more lying, that would be fine, but the truth is, it isn’t, the lies go on.


I know what you have to tell me, and that is fine, fine not to be fine, which isn’t fine at all.


Let us do what you don’t like doing, just this once.


And so is draw to what they truly want to be drawn to, but scared, terrified of what they know is true but lie about.


Once touched you can never look back, never hold on too long, never to something you can’t keep hold of know matter how much you want to.


Never trust a hug, it is just a way to hide your face, when really you just may want to show it.


Thankyou for letting me travel with you.


It made me feel really special, thank you for making me feel special.


She knew he could play him and she lied.


He had to find out the only way he knew he could. For I am an idiot, why did I trust her?


And the dream goes on, no matter what.


Mind blowing, who would have thought it, totally unexpected, and nowhere will that take us, of all the Who’s this blew away my favourite Tom, for it is Tom’s weirdness but with romance.


If only this horse was a goat.


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