Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You have to understand he’s totally mad


I get on the train and before you know it I’m in the other world, reading between the lines, and seeing the sentences that are missing. Nothing is left to chance, I’m focused in overwhelming manner with the knowledge my brain is taking in.


and before you know it I’m out with Matt in Erdington, today though we have to park somewhere new and so we take the back path that leads us through


the dreary and spooky graveyard that seems to been abandoned.


Soon though the church of our savour is ahead of us, and he will feed us once more, we so hope.


And I’m doing the healthy option. It is nice it is good for me, I know I think, but really its not food I’m hungry for.


No, its getting on that train, and opening the yellow book of chaos once more, that is all I desire now. Is it really true? Was he? “You have to understand that he’s totally mad”

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