Saturday, December 20, 2014

At Last


I wake up and I’m actually feeling, Okay. Can that be possible. Surely not, it can’t be true? Its quiet early too. so I get up, I do my housework, I even call my brother and say “shall we take your old fridge freezer to the tip this morning, I’m up and doing nothing!”


And after waiting all this time for me to do so he doesn’t sound so keen. In fact he’s going to call me back. Why he didn’t just say I’m seeing someone and I’ll see if I can re-arrange it I don’t know. Anyway I put the trailer on the car and head round his. For some reason he thinks the fridge freezer is going to self leviate from his downstairs toilet room to the trailer. Now that's the kind of magic the KLF would dream up I’m sure. There’s a lot of puffing and panting from my brother as he tries to lift it. I’m not sure why there’s all that puffing and panting, its really not needed. Once in the trailer I tie it down and we get in the car. “So where’s your tip then brother?”. After living here for 15 years, he doesn’t actually know exactly. and to be fair when we get there, it is somewhat hidden away.


We go to the right area and start to unload the object ready for it to be ”recycled”, what ever that is?


I drop him off at Argos, in the hope he’s going to get me a Christmas present and then go to the hairdressers. Following this I collect my mom and do some shopping with her. I borrow my dads car and we end up going to Tesco’s in Hednesford. Where we have something to eat and do some shopping.


On the way back the car feels funny, it feels like we have a puncture. I pull up on a pub car park under a light and get out, look down and sigh. Erm that we please my dad no end. I start jacking the car up and someone actually offers to help. How nice, however I know what I’m doing and on this occasion there’s everything I need to get the job done quickly.


At home I watch some Moma Mai and then switch over to the PS3


and play with Zoe on GTA V.


She shows me a few things and then Alan shots me out the sky. Oddly he is on my team????

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