Thursday, December 25, 2014

He Delivered


Ya hay it Christmas Day. And for some reason Santa has been big style. He has delivered. I’m not sure why? Have I been that good? Surely not?


and through the wonder of media, It is good though to see that Zoe is smiling. None of them are open yet so that could well change!


Especially when Alan gets round to opening his. What he doesn’t know is that its not all there :(


He will be wise to there being four missing, hell it will give him something to search for, and the Tom Baker one must be popular as there weren't any! But the thing that didn’t come in time, the thing that was a pain to get, the thing that people suggested they had, but when it really came to it they never sent. None of it makes sense. No of it was meant to. Why would there be four missing, and why those four? For it to make any sense the missing part would be needed, but the magic now might be blown, it is all about the timing.


The rest of the day for me is a slow one. I never get Christmas like this, usually I’m busy, as there’s plenty to do and people to see before I head off snowboarding. But not this year. I have all the time in the world. And Les has surprised me, he has got me a board game, a game I wanted, but never ask for, an Amazon wish list item from my wish list. He made me smile. I get it out.


Put it together and reads the rules. That's enough of that I think with my over full belly and put it back in the box.


And I ponder where it is I will put these little darlings. Is there a space I don’t have without one? I think not. So I stop thinking and turn the box over, there’s something good on TV, something magical.


and I insist we all watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


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