Friday, December 19, 2014

Jumper Day


Today was not my last day, but was my last day, for most people though it was their last day, and today we were meant to wear Christmas jumpers to work. I didn’t have one so I wore a Santa hat with a flash ball at the end. You can’t tell here but it really did flash. And after all the excitement of Christmas jumpers we fled to


the pub to socialise, drink and drink some more. Even when we stopped socialising we drank more.


Which made us “more social”. As usual the Swan and Mitre had gone to town with the decor and


it was nice, it had a great atmosphere. Why would you want to be anywhere else?


Once we had, had enough to drink to help with our aim we played pool.


Or so we thought, but evenutally everyone wanted to go, move on, not be here, they wanted to join the crowds and


so off to the station we went. Now I would like to say everyone brought a rail ticket, but I’d be lying.


However I did which was convenient at New Street when they were checking everyone, oh no they weren’t they are just waving us through, it must be a Christmas free for all special.


Once in a pub I can recalling thinking we have a made a mistake. There’s more room on a London Underground train at peak times than in here!


We move, move on, well if we could.


And into one of our old favourites, rammed yes, but able to breath.


and drink and get tot he bar to get another drink.


Story were told, some old, some new,


Some fictional, some made up nonescene.


And then we moved to the Old Joint Stock – I got in this time.


A very random selection of drinks were had, I’m not sure I want to discuss it, because I can’t remember it.


But the night got quiet and it was time to go home. I was put in charge of Brad, make sure he gets to Walsall at least I’m told.


And so the 23:18 train is due.


It is busy, very busy, its full, full of relievers, people all plastered, wasted, and wankered. and then there is us. Calm, relaxed and incontrol. I get Bradley as seat next to a largish lady. He looks comfy.


Brad gets off not at Walsall but somewhere closer to home. Tame Bridge Parkway I think. I’ve forgotten about my hat, I’ve forgotten who I am or where I’m going. But I haven't forgot its Christmas.

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