Sunday, December 21, 2014

Play time


I get up and do some wrapping of presents, some housework and then see if I can see Alan and Zoe. Fuel is cheap at the moment and the MX5 hasn’t been used for some time properly, so I take the opportunity to fill her up and give her a long run.


I meet Zoe around her allotment, we have a chat and tidy the place up, before heading around theirs for a lazy, in good company afternoon. They have a treat for me.


A vintage board game, and so we get playing. It’s a spy board game where you need to get the package and get back.


That is without your opponents killing you with their weapons.


Although Alan wants to know how you are going to kill someone with a pair of headphones. Perhaps his imagination has gone to sleep, but it reminds me of an old pair I used to have with a thick and if stretched curly cable. I’ll go no further.


The game playing change to a space game, with many die representing the space ships and armies.


From space to time travel and we play the doctor who game.


and then an intelligence game, so I was going to struggle, but I love the buzzer, for which I had to ask Alan for some batteries to get it to operate.


Zoe of course found it fascinating. They feed my Sunday dinner and the time as always went way too quickly, and whilst I wanted to stay longer, however I knew they were going to have to get up for work. I bided them goodbye, opened up the MX5 boot and got out a wrapped up box the size of the boot out. I handed it over to them and a slightly smaller box which said to Alan on it. “Typical Nack I get the small box and Zoe gets the big one” says Alan. I ponder if they’ll like what's inside – or if they’ll notice something is missing?


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