Monday, December 22, 2014

The Eve Eve


Another day off work, I get up and have breakfast, a cooked one again of course.


With a little bit of salad to give it some health factor.


I put on the PS3 and set off Vidzone whilst I start wrapping some presents up.


Mean time the postman knocks the door. Ohh look what's come. How predictable. One day too late. I scribble on it and wrap it up too.


I do some house work and await the arrival of my mom, so I can take her out and about.


We have some dinner at Taylors once more and get ready for some shopping.


I look at the carpets and consider that I really must measure up that back hallway and lay some nice carpet down.


We pop into Aldi and


also the market where I get my emergency watch a new battery and have the strap adjusted so that it fits. Goodbye old watch, with its hands all fallen off.


Back at home I do some more DIY and latter my dad turns up with my Auntie Wynne. My dad disappears to go to screw fix to get me a TV aerial, and when he returns I ponder if he could have got me a bigger one or not. Does he think I’m try to get broadcast signals from the Netherlands? I spend the evening putting it together and then thinking, where am I going to store this until I’m going to put it up on the house outside?


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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