Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Bazzouka Gun


I wake up to another nice day out there.


I ponder if the birds like pizza? Well we are going to see and with that the front door goes thump as the letter box ones and closes.


Ahhh retro gamer, but I’m going to resist reading it just now.


I vacuum the whole house using my parents Bissell EasyVac Compact. Wow this thing is good, small, light, powerful and has a large dirt box. Hell I like this. “DO” the parents need it?


And for the first time the kitche floor is also finally clean.


My brother comes round for the rest of the day.


And we are off to the old schools style Cannock Cinema. And like old times there is a queue out of the door.


Not that it meant the place was full, it wasn’t. We were here to see the 1pm showing of Stawars.


£6 in and a meal deal meant


that a banna wasn’t the only thing I was going to eat all day.


I had seen now reviews or anything about the new film, so what is it like?


Well to me it seamed like a write of the story of thefirst one, I mean the forth one. Yes the real first one, and the ambience is set identical. Hans Solo gets whats coming to him and I’d rather rememeber Carrier Fisher from the Blues Brothers with a big bazoocka gun. Oddly though if I was going to live on an ireland I would pick one with a beter climate.


On the way home I got to Specsavers and pick up my second load of contact lenses, not that I’ve finished with the first set of the first pack yet!


We have a look at some phones. I like the look if this as you can put in a memory card, but what are the specs and can you get it for £100?


I’m cooking dinner tongiht. Yes I’m cheating a lttle but adding to it.


A while latter the feast is on the table. It smells great. Note it was my brother that wanted the chips!


Oaky I might have had a few.


Yep it got demolished.


We played Project Cars for a while and


then Fallout 4 before


getting Christmassy with Gremlins. Like Cannock Cinema, this film is only in Stereo!


And with that I listen to the howling winds. Eck its going to be a bad one.


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