Thursday, December 24, 2015

From Here To Eternity


I get up, somehow, ohh yeah to go to the lav, how did I get here?


It looks misserable outside.


And I certainly don’t feel like this.


A parcek comes through the door.


Then there is knock at the door. It is a Yodel man, the Yodel man I asked to deliver this morning, and he has come. What ever it is Thanks Matt.


I try my best to clean the house up, I get the TV stand, wires and DVD racks back in place, Followed by all the DVD’s. Everything needs dusting and cleaning as we go.


Having moved the TV in place I can move the other sofa, clean it and then clean the floor.


But I have to come to terms with that it’s not ready for putting the Christmas tree up, even on Christmas eve, bum, bum, double bum.


I put the lamp shade up and change the bulb to eco and pocket frenidly.


And I put the cards up. At least it will look somewhat festive Smile.


And then it is off to the Rainbow.


Where I meet Les, my Brother and the Asburys for some tea.


Even Beardy eventually turns up. I mean he was emant to be here at 6pm to eat with us. What’s that, I have the wrong number???


And at the Rainbow they are serving my favourite Stockport beer. Okay they are not, they just have the beer matts! And Gaz makes a breif appearance.


Now if I’m honest, I was too exhausted to do the pub crawl and I managed to talk everyone into just going to the Harrows.


And here we enjoyed real ales, real wiskey


And some real sleep, yeah I was that tired.


And with that it was time to go home and see Santa maybe?


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





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