Friday, December 25, 2015

Look On The Bright Side


I wake up at my parents. Has Santa been?


I wonder what is in here? Ah Beer. And put the piece of paper away somewhere safe.


This could be a good read if they ever had a dragon 32.


Les got me a Red Colinder. And that I was pleased with. Very.


I got a couple of books, which would most likely have been the next ones I would have brought. Especialy the Hangover, which included a Gentlesmens afternoon tea.


So here we have what Yodel delivered. Now Rog got me beer I could instantly drink, Alan and Zoe got me beer I need to order and can then only drink on a Thursday, but Matt teases me by getting me beer that I can only drink if I can get off my arse and brew it first.


As it happens I’m looking forward to this. But not getting arsed every Thursday giggle.


Of course there was something in that colinder, Cheer Les.


And with a big suprise my brother made me want to hug him. I know desperate or what. He got me Fallout 4, how very very very nice. Along with two fall out beers to drink while brewing the beer Matt got me.


And so Fallout 4 went on. And now I understood why he brought his PS4 down when I said I wasn’t going to.


We play the first bit of the game, which later on I find out is a pain.


Chirstmas day slowly goes by nicely enough with family and freinds, when I decide it is time to either kill my Nexus 5 or fix it – the dam thing is palying up so much bcause of that connector. As it happens it is far easier to take apart than expected.


However, while the phone is alive, the socket problem is worse, and not the lead that is at fault. So unless I get another 32GB motherboard this is the end of the NExus 5 I have leanred to love so much, the end of Facebook on the move as I have to return to my Motorola Razri. Look on the bright side, hold on there isn’t one.


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