Saturday, December 26, 2015

Way Hey It's Boxing Day


I’m not sure this person actually had a dragon 32 or this book would have more than one dragon 32 game in it. Now don’t get me wrong. The Dragon 32 had some very good games for it. But on the whole most were poor, some obscenely so. I’d like to get one as a retro machine, but to be honest I can’t bring myself to abuse myself so much! So what was good on the Dragon 32? Shocktrooper, Time Banidits, The King, Manic Miner, Worlds of Flight, Cuthbert Everywhere and everything. Ohhh yeah Frogger was really good too, and Lord of the Rings 1 and 2!


After tidying up a bit more, washing the car and floor in the house I head round to the Greenies. Where I’m feed, watered with one beer and before anyone else comes….


go to sleep watch Doctor Who. I don’t even remember going to sleep.


The others come and from then on, apart from one Vodka pink thing, I have water and sqaush for the rest of the night.


We are feed again, open presents


and enjoy each others company and wine.


Which leads to this….


Before this!


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