Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What The Fortune Cookie Says


Tuesday at work comes and go’s. I say my goodbye for Christmas to those how break up today and climb in my car. I set Waze to the Park with the Owl and go and sit in the traffic, the very blowing winds and the terrechal rain, which seems to have caught a few out who have crashed and whom are causing the standstill traffic. One ponders if my roof tile has stayed up.


When I arrive the house is in darkness. The air outside is still, nothing like the storm in Birmingham. I empty my bladder and get a power nap on the sofa and relax. Maybe they will come ohome soon?


When they do come back, we nip round Matts and then head off for some tea at the chineese at the botttom of Matts road that I’ve never been to with them. I have a set menu meal with Zoe whilst Alan has a vegitarian meal with a starter that is not so veggie! We all get a fortune cookie and read them out. Aparently Your will take pleasant journey to a place far away. Am I going to Heaven then? AmI going to Die? And out of my cracker I get a throw plane. How awsome is that.


We head back to Matts for a while to admire his art collection on the wall, and natter the night away until some really late time for me.


As I leave Stockport I ponder if I will get up early enough to catch that train?


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