Friday, January 22, 2016

Cheesecake and Tantrums


Today we have chips from the chippy. And while I wait she slides some Scallopes on the counter just for me. We take them back and eat them in the office.


On the train home I dont read twit for stimulation.


On the walk home I go and see if I can get some pudding. I’m not sure of the opening times until I get there, of the one in the town center that is.


I get what I need and then head home and get changed.


Then I climb in my MX5 and head round the Greenies.


We play Uno first and with that we have some sad faces of Teggan and then Mr Greenie! We swap games and play a new one for them.


Its called Noah.


And we all eat Cheescake which makes everyone happy again. At nearly midnight I have to call it a day, the children go to bed and I go home.


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