Friday, January 01, 2016

Everyones Asleep


I get up with the others and head outside. Wow it is cold, and look the first frost i have seen this year. That is agood sign things are getting colder.


We climb into the fully laiden barge.


On with the lights.


We have lift off.


Wow the roads are queit, being New Years Morning everyone must still be alseep. This makes the road empty and the drive a nice experience in the UK.


We make good time and stop at Thurrock Service, the service that give bad service. But on this occassion everthing was fine. Service wasd polite and the breakfast good.


Back in the barg and


Over the Thames.


its the first time I’ve been over the Dartford crossing since they got rid of the toll booths. Luckily Les has added me to his account, I hope!


We arrive at Dover well early, and so my flexible ticket is useful. Once our car is searched we just catch a boat that is leaving.


We park up and guess what.


We are on the Pride of Kent again!


After some nosh and a relax, and a look for postcard I give in. There are none anymore.


So it is back in the car


and into France.


There are hardly any GB cars around. Every year they get less and less, this year however, the euro conversion is good and the French fuel is equivanlt of 70p.


After many hours we have a pit stop.


A toliet break, a drink and I search for post cards.


there are of course Effile Towers to be had, and it looks like they are branching out.


at about 8:30pm we roll up at our overnight stop.


The usual Ibis at Dole. However the restuarant is closed! I ask where is nearby and I’m told there is a Chinesse. However I remember that the Buffalo Grill we have been meaning to go to every time we stop. And so head there. That is also closed to.


Well we found the Chineese, and my dad hates Frogein food. Yeah go figure. Is there an English menu? Do they speak English?


No is the answer, but after a conversation of sorts I realise she is telling me it is an all you can eat Buffet!


All fed and happy, it might not look it here but they are, I get the bar open for a pint by the one girl that is keeping the hotel alive!


And with that it is to bed, for tommorrow the adventure to the moutain realy begins, but will it snow?


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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